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Late Night /tv/ Anonymous 06/01/2021 (Tue) 07:49:54 No. 4525
What do you enjoy watching late at night /late/? For me, it’s been binge watching King of The Hill (plus an episode of an anime here or there).
>>4525 Dr Katz The video quality is so poor, wish I had a crt tv to maximize the kino exprience.
>>4530 I used to have a 13" Sharp CRT in pristine condition but I had to leave it behind when I moved. I wish I'd found a way to keep it, I loved that thing. Now they're $150 on eBay. Hopefully I'll get lucky and find one locally.
(5.32 KB 250x246 Torture.jpg)
>>4525 I despise modern television, so I mostly take pleasure in old YouTube videos, be it Muta's Dank Web videos, trollpastas, or even good ol' AVGN.
(508.24 KB 480x360 watch?v=4C0xI41RtaU_0001.png)
>>5925 i rewatched the first 2 board james seasons recently, and apart from being generally comfy, the final episodes of each season are very moodie and perfect to watch /late/. Also the castlevania retrospective he made back in the day fit that vibe.
>>5929 Agreed, I recommend the monster madness series if you liked that (sort of like svengoolie).
I love watching internet history videos on YouTube, especially disrupt.tv. It's just so interesting to me how expansive the internet is, and how many things have happened that I never even knew about.
(1.28 MB 320x480 1610895641057.webm)
Where do you watch King of the Hill? i usually watch silly youtube videos over-analyzing drama, like those by smokeyglow or therightopinion... its cathartic.
(159.33 KB 1073x820 daria_sleepover.jpg)
Daria, i can't explain why but it's close to the only show i've been watching and so i keep rewatching it over and over again since i'm like 14 which makes it very comfy to me :3 if u wanna watch it grab a torrent for the "Daria Restoration Project" it has the original music cause mtv cheaped out when releasing it on dvd and exchanged the music for generic stuff, the orignal music makes it way better i think
(408.14 KB 560x422 1480996948_To the Victor.gif)
>>6090 cytube has a channel that runs a 24/7 King of the Hill marathon. Saw the y2k episode the other night, was really good. https://cytu.be/r/KOTH
>>6090 Search for "king of the hill mega links".
Watched this the last night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWSahn0C5dQ
>>4525 The Midnight Pulp channel on Roku can be interesting sometimes. Also love Chass's /x/ TTS grntxt vids.
a lot of youtube channels I like talk about music, Richard Atkinson and David Bruce both put out really good videos >>5941 hadn't heard of them before, but loved disrupt.tv's videos on computer viruses, thanks for bringing them up


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