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(180.99 KB 1642x924 REDio.jpg)
the radio station Anonymous 06/12/2021 (Sat) 02:45:38 No. 4646
I usually jump on almost daily now.
(2.76 MB 1590x709 uhoh.PNG)
yeah it's cool seeing a decent amount of listeners though filenames could use a bit of tweaking
glad to be on here with you three
And I'm back. Real nice being here too.
And we're all back tonight.
Glad to see a gang tonight. It's always cool to see others listening to a small obscure radio with you.
>>4966 It is nice. Pretty decent set of music too.
using my old phone to tune in 😃
radio's comfy. I sent it to my frens.
(328.93 KB 562x253 Screenshot 2021-08-16 222550.png)
No sleep radio gang is back
(153.70 KB 462x293 1.png)
Hello anon. I hope you're enjoying some comfy listening. Take care. We're going to make it.
Hey guys. I'm new here and gonna be lintening to the radio from time to time as I did this night.
>lintening listening
>>5284 I'm tuned in most nights. I'll see you around.
glad to see people are tuning in, felt like I was the only one for a long time.
>>5291 latestation is most of what i listen to as of recent. maybe my timing is just inconvenient.
>>4646 dunno if that's the right thread for music suggestions, but fuck it, please consider adding 'Mandy's Love theme' from Johan Johannson, feel like it'd be appropriate. (sauce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72ye1IMywrQ)
Any Eastcoast friends?
(1.34 MB 1920x955 download (1).png)
Thanks for joining me tonight Anons this beer goes out to you.
>>5330 Cheers
(1.36 MB 1920x955 download (2).png)
>>5331 We big group now cheers you sleepy bastards.
(2.52 MB 1920x955 download (3).png)
I guess I'm up again tonight with the no sleep crew.
>>5345 Glad you could make it tonight
(2.52 MB 1920x955 download (6).png)
>>5346 Glad to be here comfy board might stay and forget about my woes.
Whatever is playing now is amazing, but the "Now Playing" text won't display...
(189.63 KB 536x255 WhoRadio.png)
Who am I vibin with so late? It's 23:38 as of me writing this. Hope you have a nice day man.
>>5530 Heya dude. Hope you are having a nice evening. How is it going?
>>5531 local time: 00:17 weather: light rain i'm so sad i can't even describe it other than "dead inside and numb"
>>5533 You are lucky. I'm visiting family rn and there's barely any rain around here. I love when rain hits the window while I'm working. >than "dead inside and numb" It's alright. I can understand you feeling that way. Not sure if we should make a vent post here, but if you want to complain about something here at least I wouldn't mind. Either way, it's fine to feel bad. It might not work for everyone, but I at least try to push my frustrations into something productive and what's important to me. It took me a while to be able to do it though. Either way I hope everything is fine and sending you good feelings to help with you feeling down.
Hey, it's >>5535 Just saying I'm going to sleep rn. So that you won't feel bad in case you reply and I don't respond quickly. If something comes up I'll write to you tomorrow. Sleep well!
>>5536 i went to sleep after 1am as usual the good thing is that i get 8 hours of sleep anyway >eat >neet >sleep >repeat
(215.40 KB 506x273 Screenshot 2021-10-11 220137.png)
It's a pleasure to chill with you tonight /late/ friends
(62.19 KB 305x132 latestation.jpeg)
Happy Friday, re/late/able anons. Nice to see you three here.


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