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(16.52 KB 225x344 lain.jpg)
LAIN STREAM PARTY Anonymous 07/21/2021 (Wed) 02:48:43 No. 5027
The annual independent SEL stream, American side. Tune in to https://cytu.be/r/thelainstream/ on September 21st 11:59 PM (2021-7-22 3:59 AM UTC) to watch Serial Experiments Lain with anons from all around the webring and beyond, English subtitles included. No sign-up required, just hop in!
Count me in babe!
(1.60 MB 3543x1993 1627114788541.jpg)
>>5027 sweet! count me in, too
(32.61 KB 306x247 lain niggers!.jpg)
>>5030 >>5187 Hey fellows, it's OP, I haven't been back here for a while and I just realized that I didn't proofread this version of the invitation closely enough, it says September instead of July, the stream was done almost a month ago now. To make up for it, I'll track down every site that got this typo, and host another one in September anyway. There will also be a marathon of the Portuguese dub on the 28th of that month for any lusophone friends.
(21.05 KB 315x400 5688-1563646209.jpg)
>>5200 Marked it on my calendar, anon! Looking forward to it.
>>5027 Bump, it's still happening anons (EST midnight on the night of the 21st, one week from now).
Count me in


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