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(408.86 KB 509x500 2021-07-26_21-44-34.png)
old buddies Anonymous 07/26/2021 (Mon) 19:40:02 No. 5079
hey /late/, what happened to those friends you used to hang out with?
>>5079 i moved across the planet, so i'm no longer physically with them. still hang out with them on fb messenger and discord.
>>5079 They couldn't follow me where I was going. We still love each other.
"Life" happens. but i guess doesn't matter, as i'm more comfortable being with myself.
They got weird.
>>5086 i don't want to freak you out, but you remind me of someone that i used to talk to. i still miss that guy.
What I intended to be a short list of bullet points turned into a decently-sized greentext. >military family moved to another continent before social media was a thing >self esteem too low to invite students at new school to hang out >on first day of new new school, one asks me to hang out though >become best buds >also hang out with two foster kids over the years >are a stereotypical nigger and a white trash inbred >nigger can't take foster family anymore and moves >add other schoolmates on social media >delete all mainstream social media accounts for privacy, but just uninstall snapchat >best friend's family moves >inbred graduates foster care and moves back with grandma >visit his trailer a couple times >best friend comes and visits whenever he's in the area >inbred asks if I can come down and help him out while he's out of the house for the weekend >his grandma called the cops on him >it's blizzarding >he's two hours away >whatthehay.mp4 >i take off work and drive two hours down icy country roads in the snow to pay for some hotels for the weekend >get kicked out of first hotel for using gym without shoes like retards >he makes a girlfriend while we're at eet freef >meet a cute stoner at chinese restaurant >add on snapchat >inbred can't stop texting Jared's way "GF" >get pulled over by camper pig for going 10 above while arguing >first time being pulled over >hard turn car into ditch >cold as shit outside >yelling at friend to shut up >he won't shut up >start shivering >cop asks if I'm on drugs >asks if he can look through my car >asks if I'm fucking with him >him and inbred have history >driver's license is expired >have car towed away >cop gives us a ride >neither of us had proper sleep by the third night >ask him to turn the TV off >he asks for confirmation >YES, turn it off >threatens to beat my ass >ARE_YOU_FUCKING_KIDDING_ME.mp4 >he calls guy he met at bar for new place to sleep >walks out of hotel room >throw his stuff out, lock him out >he keeps knocking at door and calling via lobby phone >lobby attendant offers to let him sleep on sofa in backroom >he refuses and threatens to call the police on me >just go to sleep >wake up to hear him at door >thisisthepoelease.ogg >iknowitsyouinbredanon.ogg >THISISTHEPOLICE.ogg <UH OH >these police are pretty chill actually >inbred made such a ruckus that the manager has me sign agreement to not trespass for a year >get uber to drive me to closest motel to the DMV >motel cashier says I'd have to leave in 3 hours or something like that >just walk through the snow and jaywalk across highway intersection with rolling suitcase to get to the DMV >first person there >beautiful_winter_sunrise_over_small_appalachian_town.png >one hour later >successfully reinstate license with lips red as a cherry from allergic reaction to lip balm >inbred calls and asks to be picked up from hospital >really bad frostbite >fine, one last drive >doctor says it was very mild frostbite >whatever, I'm already here >inbred asks to stop at high school to say hi to "GF" during lunch break >only 2-3 years older >feel like the FBI's gonna pop out of the bushes while waiting for him to get back >drop him off at Chinese place >he says if I ever come back he'll beat my ass >tear up and say I regret ever coming down >secretly don't because it makes for a good story and is one of the rare occasions I've gotten out of my own town since we moved here >make lots of friends on ["free speech" messaging app/website] >spend all of 2020 exclusively talking to them >realize i need to get a job >need to remove distractions if I'm gonna get one without Epstein & Co.® masks & anti-white BLM pandering >have barely chatted with any internet friends for half a year at this point >still haven't gotten a job
Got two groups, one I knew online and one I knew IRL. First one I never really fit in with, they were one of those hacking/trolling groups that I only hung out with because I was a vindictive kid and wanted to learn to mess with people I didn't like (read: whoever was dating my crush at the time). Last time I looked at any of them, they had moved to Twitter and become... well, typical Twitter users. Second was some people I hung out with toward the tail end of high school. Just lost contact with most of them after we all graduated. I only got contact info for two of them, and I really only talk to one. Rarely, when our work schedules permit it, the three of us will meet up in person.
>>5079 i stopped being able to interact with other humans on a regular enough basis to maintain a relationship because of severe depression and anxiety
I got weird. >>5083 Weird weird, or weird, weird? An odd word, that.
all they cared about was drugs and sex. literally nothing else.
They moved away, and we ended up drifting apart even before I got rid of social media. I don't think we'd have anything in common anymore anyway, and even back in the day the members of our group of friends wouldn't hang out together outside of school much.
>>5137 I have the same experience. I've cut contact with every single one of them, but open to making new friends over time. I think I'll find some eventually. I have a small amount of people I DM with every few days to weeks to months or so, and comfy with just that. I'll find someone local one day.
>>5137 same happened to me. and the fact that i was and still am the weird nerd. not somebody you bring along when you want to flirt with girls. i learned to appreciate not being a normie.
>>5137 If I still had any friends, I imagine they'd ditch me because I want something better than their rat utopia existence.
>>5079 still have them, but it's hard to see them in person now. on occasion i can find an opening, but schedules have a hard time coinciding right now. one guy i haven't seen in person in over two years. i'm grateful i have them, though, we still talk over text in a group chat.
(97.82 KB 640x360 neverends.gif)
>>5079 My only friend started to fester with insecurity, at first it was really normal but overtime became really off-putting. Almost fetish like, He constantly would write stories about characters but they were all the same, nerdy book types that everyone hates for simply existing. His self insert would be comically bullied and would always be refered to as "boy". He would redirect any type of conversation to his insecurities no matter the topic. He refused any type of support and would try to manipulate it in to an attack for being himself. I then loathed him for it and told him so then left.
>>5079 Lost contact, either at all or we sometimes talk for a moment on discord or something. idk if I got weird or what, maybe they found better friends
A lot of moving made me lose contact with them. Most of them are married now. I miss them. I decided recently to make new friends. It's been awhile since I've had any but isolation is a mind killer. I get anxiety talking to people these days, but I trust it'll pass if I just keep trying, and that I'll feel more like myself again.
>>5267 >but I trust it'll pass if I just keep trying, and that I'll feel more like myself again. I was like you but stopped caring, I mean really stopped caring about anyone. Do not worry about it, friends really do go a long way. If you have weird hobbies and interests, you will see people with a like mind will come to you. Just don't reveal your powerlevel right off.
>>5079 Gradually, I deliberately drifted away from them. I think this was a combination of my refusal to socialise through social media and their own changing worldviews. Friends who had formerly simply been a joy to be around either gradually lost their personality through (in some cases highly successful) absorption into general society, or became full of spite and self-hatred in an attempt to fit into the current zeitgeist. I've been able to grow somewhat after cutting them out, but have occasional regrets. This is either a result of nostalgia for the good times we had together, or sudden pangs of loneliness. I have yet to find new friends to fill their place. Most importantly, friends who I know in ten or so years' time will create those same fond memories and feelings of nostalgia.
we all moved to different places, now there is just small talk. they have lives and things to be doing, so I understand.
fell out of contact after graduation, which was amidst the fluhan enigma they dont care to contact me, and whenever i try to reach out, i get low effort responses i have no friends


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