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Realising That You Are Different Anonymous 08/09/2021 (Mon) 11:18:36 No. 5154
Hi /late/, I have been lurking here for years now; feel like posting some stuff I would not really share elsewhere. Right now I am vibing off 800mg DXM, a few bumps of ketamine, 20mg oxycodone, a shot of lab ethanol, and an edible lmao, so sorry if I am scattered :( Anyway, over the past year or so I have felt very distant from "normal" people. For a long time I ended up being a lot like every one else, not because I had a desire to follow, rather, it was because it was the path of least resistance; a state driven by lack of thought. The recent pandemic has been interesting to me, while I had never felt normal or had a strong desire to be normal the pandemic was sobering in many ways. My country had a strict lockdown for months and months - very long - this is where I noticed how starkly different I was; while others cried and complained about not being able to get hammered with their friends I pulled my socks up and made positive changes to my life. It was sobering to see most of my friends spend this time drinking alone, watching netflix, and complaing, what the fuck is wrong with most people. It is funny to see how most people default to what others are doing, and when there isn't immediate signalling, self destruct. I spent probably about 7ish months alone with minimal social contact (no voice chats or that shit, saw one friend in the park occasionally) and I was fine- I didnt feel sad to be alone- yet most of my friends were so impacted by this sudden exposure to isolation. It was so reassuring to see this difference, in many ways it made me feel stronger; I could maintain a large socially life and just drop it at a dime and not even look back. Looking at life with this experience has been so great. I have stopped talking to some people who were poor influences, talked more to those who were good to me, and have felt more contempt with a smaller social circle. I have stopped watching TV shows, films, playing vidya; have spent pretty much all that excess time exercising, studying, playing music, and cooking. Things have been good, have developed a six pack in like 2 months lmao. This has gone on long enough. Point is my dear /late/ browsers is that life can be what you want it to be, norms in your life can morph - whether that be due to externalities or your own fruition - don't follow the crowd and question why you do what you do. Peace.
I needed to see this tonight. Thank you. I hope your trip goes well.
>>5159 Glad my ramblings were of some use. Trip was good, although quite subdued considering the amount of drugs I did lmao. Should clarify that the main thing to take from my drugged up writing is that honesty and humility are very important. Not everyone is heavily independent, many people are followers, and there is nothing wrong with being a follower. If you are a follower be aware of it and make sure that the predisposition isn't damaging you; use it as a strength and live the best life you can.
>>5154 I've been a reclusive shut-in for all of my adult life, so the "social distancing" stuff during the lockdown didn't really affect me at all as far as my lifestyle was concerned. I just keep in mind that most people aren't wired to be autistic introverts like me and that they're not necessarily bad people. I do think they should learn to cope with being alone more. If people like me have to deal with talking to people, it wouldn't hurt for them to learn to be by themselves for a little while without becoming complete basket cases.
>>5163 Most of those sorts of people are only around others like themselves; it's self reinforcing, and they have no idea what it's like for people who aren't like them to live in that sort of world. I would argue that if you are the other extreme you should probably go out of your comfort zone occasionally, but you do you lad. You just go to work and then fuck around by yourself when not there? So many people centre their lives around social interaction lmao
>>5165 >You just go to work and then fuck around by yourself when not there? So many people centre their lives around social interaction lmao Pretty much. I'm not a 100% introvert, but my family are the only people I care to interact with IRL. I'd rather focus on my hobbies than putting time and effort into dead-end relationships with people I can't relate to.
(12.95 KB 747x491 gondola comp.png)
>>5154 >over the past year or so I have felt very distant from "normal" people. I've been in a similar situation but different reasons. Everyone is so alien. I keep getting lost in thought observing people and their mannerisms. I cant stop thinking about how weird and scary humanity actually is; I get so lost I forget I exist. I can still carry out a conversation like everyone else but I would still find bliss in indefinite solitude. I know I will die someday but I hope I can still observe after that.
>>5154 >Things have been good, have developed a six pack in like 2 months lmao. advice? wanting to start working out / being healthy but i don't really know where to begin
>>5195 I find the isolation to be self-reinforcing - didn't ever feel so blissful before. I find the propensity for solitude comes from an analytical mind, I spend a lot of time doing high level physics, applied maths, control (etc...), so am used to periods of strong extended focus; conversation doesn't usually call for that sort of focus so can feel weird when I have been consistently lost in work. Drugs do wonders for breaking down barriers tho, socializing is ultimately something everyone should do frequently even if it doesn't seem essential. >>5248 Method depends on where you're at now. If you're fat, just diet and increase the amount of cardio you do (walking is easy and ~20% less effective per distance than running). Running is good for keeping weight down and also increasing health; trick with it is consistency, start small and work up. I mostly do bodyweight shit since gyms are closed, and I started with a decent base since I had done running in the past. As for body weight stuff and just working out in general, doing 3 or so sets of 10 reps and allowing yourself to fail in the last set is a decent enough rule of thumb. Do push ups if you dont have a base, try to get 10 in a set, if you cant do 10 do less than that. Lunges/squats are good for legs if youre starting. Once you can do ~50-60 push ups in a row, you can do more difficult shit like pseudo planche pushups, frog stands... I rate pseudo planche pushups since they use a lot of your upper body. Lots more I could say, but the jist is just consistency. Eat well, dont eat junk food, try to cook your own shit, and eat mostly lean meat, dairy, rice, pasta, oats, veggies, and fruit. Stick to the exercises, take breaks every couple days if you notice strain.
>>5248 Are you into sugary drinks? I've never been overweight, but I've found cutting them out of my diet to be one of the easiest changes I've made as far as improving my diet goes. For exercise, I'd second bodyweight exercises like pushups, squats, and pull-ups. You don't even need equipment for a lot of them.
>>5264 Used to drink that stuff when I was a kid, used to mix them a bit with spirits but havent done that in years. One thing to note is that drinking can be a bit of a hinderance, I have a high alcohol tolerance so try not to get drunk too much haha. Soft drinks do have loads of sugar though, which isnt really used to build muscle, just good for giving you energy to do exercise - amounts of energy you would only really use if you were running 20+ kms frequently. Also if you are a drinker, realize that ethanol is high energy by itself, and is absorbed preferentially to other energy sources, so if you drink a fuck tonne - even spirits or pure shit - you can gain a bunch of weight lmao. Never happened to me, but am more of a binger


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