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(21.03 KB 455x321 Im_gonna_die_from_this.jpg)
i might die soon Anonymous 10/16/2021 (Sat) 19:26:37 No. 5599
the side of my abdomen started to cause pain this morning and now the pain has subsided so either i was successfully able to unblock the appendix or something of that nature or it just popped and now im starting to slowly die from infection and i don't have much confidence in my countries medical technology and we probably don't have enough money to treat it so im way ahead and starting to accept my death hoped that i would overdose on meth in a canyon somewhere but oh well so if you gave a shit and read all this then start insulting me so i become desensitized or something
Pretend you'll be fine, so you won't be so disappointed if you survive.
Anom, I encourage you to get checked even if you don't have faith in your countries medical technology. I is still worth while going to a medical center and at least having a doctor treat you or look at it. please. dont give up.
>>5599 the first /late/ documented death
(43.21 KB 480x300 1740-LifeandDeath.jpg)
(44.80 KB 480x300 1735-LifeandDeath.jpg)
(56.54 KB 640x480 92201-LifeandDeath.jpg)
(138.23 KB 1200x753 Is that Steve Martin?.png)
>>5599 Don't worry, Anon. I happen to be an expert in these sorts of things. You have intestinal gas, and you need to be kept in for observation.
UPDATE. might've been a minor food poisoning compared to other food poisoning or maybe it was intestinal gas so im not dying from appendix rupturing which is good because i always wanted to die from meth overdose
>>5640 I'm glad you have goals anon.
>>5617 That game looks cool
>>5690 It was. It’s called "Life and Death", and they really went all out on it - they even put a pair of latex gloves and a mask in the box. There was a whacking great book in the box too that covered the evolution of surgical procedures throughout history. Fascinating stuff.


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