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Feel like the world is in a downard spiral Anonymous 10/17/2021 (Sun) 01:34:49 No. 5606
I know negative feelings are common nowadays, but I feel like something really needs to change in the world. I am worried about it all. I just can't believe how a pandemic, which could have been prevented with a serious 3 month lockdown, has managed to spread so far. How every electronic device we have does more surveillance that all the spy agencies during the cold war combined. How culture just became a hollow repetition of itself, cause the whole internet is now based on statistics, which kinda by their nature can't really make growth for something unique. How technology which could have been used to potentially detect cancers in people easily and quickly, instead is used mostly for social media to make echo bubbles and prey on people's emotions. There's more, but it's just worrying. Everything seems to get worse and I feel we are in age of stagnation on nearly every level. I obviously have hope things can get better if something is done, and I can imagine what would need to change, but actually coming up with something meaningful to be done is difficult. I don't even feel like I should cope here. This is something that is bothering and should be addressed or we will literally move into dystopia territory.
All men live in era’s of fear for the future always remains unknown. chin up, anon. your ancestors faced their own feelings of ruin.
>>5607 If you had the opportunity to speak to one of your ancestors, and you used it to explain what was happening now, do you honestly think he would have any understanding of what you're talking about? Do you really think he would be anything but paralized by the very thought of horrors that he couldn't previously imagine? To put it another way: I've skimmed through some old books (18th & 19th century) where an average doom prophet of the time would attempt to explain what Hell looks like, and all I could think is that those depictions are not only downright tame by postmodern standards, but also that some of those depictions are arguably less horrifying than the world we live in now. If you so much as showed any one newspaper from the past two decades to one of them, they'd think that we were living in Hell all along.
>>5608 >Do you really think he would be anything but paralized by the very thought of horrors that he couldn't previously imagine? Not him, but while I can imagine the fear that it might have, we also have seen that things really don't need to be bad. There's was a massive reduction in child labor compared to those days. Work generally is safer too. There were huge advencements in medicine. We flew to other celestial bodies. The issue is that for all the things we can make that help us, they often get misused. Usually I would say for big business profit making . It's probably one of the biggest mistake humanity holds to. Even though it made sense in the past because you had lot of competition which lowered prices of goods and forced innovation. Nowdays though, I don't know who can say it isn't crazy that insulin, which can be made cheaply, can't be lowered in price out of fear that shareholders won't be able to afford an other mansion. Profiting also centralized production so much so there barely is any competition to be seen. The way out of this seems to me to build resistance. First on the internet. These huge social media websites need to be abandoned and be replaced with places where people can actually communicate and share information with each other without censorship or surveillance, since that's where a huge part of control is in the modern world. Otherwise whatever comes up will be swept away and hidden by these tech giants. After that hopefully at least there could some discussion on what to do further without algorithms manipulating it and authoritarian centralization.
(18.19 MB 1920x1080 Unspeakable.webm)
I've been dealing with an apocalyptic feeling of dread recently, although part of it is the fact that I've been sick for a while and still haven't gotten over it. But an even bigger part of it comes from the state of the world and what's in store for the future. If the corporatocracy and the state weren't already power-hungry sadists with the technology they currently have at their disposal, it's only going to get worse. Neural mesh technology could allow for a completely mind controlled populace with no desire to offer any kind of resistance whatsoever. It looks almost completely inevitable that the people of the future will be living in a complete nightmare world. I only hope I'm dead before they can roll it out.
>>5608 >These huge social media websites need to be abandoned and be replaced with places where people can actually communicate and share information with each other without censorship or surveillance While technically true, that's not realistic on a larger scale. How are you going to convince millions of people to migrate to another platform? Most people will just whine about how X site doesn't have Y feature, or that some of their "friends" won't be on there, or they'll refuse outright because people say Z thing that the media told them not to like. Most attempts have been blocked or subdued by backbone services like Cloudflare, and they get away with it because they're private companies and can do whatever they want, or whatever. The real problem isn't competition, it's a lack of competition resulting from the lack of antitrust enforcement. If you looked into any subsector of technology or media, you'll find that it's completely dominated by a handful of companies (and when they cooperate, it's no different from a single company dominating everything). You'll have two to six companies at the very top, and they'll control almost everything else. These companies will lobby and collude with the government to ensure that they keep their lofty positions. >insulin You're absolutely right, but let's not forget that diabetes wouldn't be nearly the problem it is now if not for all the crap that "food" companies are selling us. It used to be, long before any of us were born, that you could just buy normal food from the store, and that was the end of it. Now you have to actively look for anything truly healthy, and all that stuff's getting more and more expensive. The same can be said for cancer. You wouldn't believe how much carcinogenic crap is piled into foods marked as "healthy" these days, and I'm not just talking about fast food. I'm sure you've been to the supermarket, and have seen multiple products (like "butter alternatives") that are filled with chemicals processed to death from plants. They say it's plant based, so it must be healthy! No. There are some plant oils that really are healthy (like olive oil, and pretty much everything else that's been around for over a 200 years), but most of it now is processed to death and back. To give you a more infamous example, just go ahead onto youtube and look up "how to make margarine". Pick any video, watch it all the way through, and tell me that you are honestly considering eating anything made with it ever again. Now realize that all the horrifying chemicals which go into that (and more) also go into most food products made today. Next, go to your actual local supermarket, into the bread isle, and count how many loafs have "bleached" or "(X plant you've never heard of) oil" in the list of ingredients. It's disgusting. Don't even get me started on soy products. The fact that their most loyal consumers need fucking robot bottle openers should tell you enough. >>5618 >I've been dealing with an apocalyptic feeling of dread recently You and everyone else with two braincells to rub together. The world is not moving in a good direction.
>>5606 Of course it is. You can pin it on a lot of things but the main reason is pure hypocrisy. Think of all the self-proclaimed communists who are active starbucks drinkers that earn six figure salaries, all of the 'national socialists' who are just schizoids trying to escape from their boring reality, all of the people who want to 'stop racism' by including more niggers with boring personalities in TV shows. Push sadly never comes to shove for these kinds of people, but if it ever did I would delight in seeing them 180 on everything they hold dear. Can't fight against anything when you can't even trust the people you're fighting with.
ever since the first homo sapiens became sapient it went downhill because before that it was just survival and procreation now that we were capable of appreciating and not appreciating we put standards and if that standard isn't met we became sad and angry and the standard only went up with time as we made new technology using our shitty smart brains
(3.41 MB 1736x2677 pcc-01.png)
This is from 1972. They knew 50 years ago that technology was being leveraged against us. Nothing much was done about it since then because most people were asleep at the wheel, so to speak. This is by design, of course. The people who literally own this planet (by virtue of controlling all financial transactions) already had funded decades of research in psychology before this first issue of PCC was printed. They already had nearly everyone indoctrinated since birth and until old age, through schooling, news, TV, radio, music, film, and so on. They could have kept this going on indefinitely maybe, if they hadn't become too greedy. At one point they fucked up in a way that's not recoverable. If you watch the Planet Lockdown interview with Catherine Austin Fittz, she explains exactly what happened there. Essentially they pilfered everyone's retirement funds and pensions, in the mid 90's. Then they discovered their stupid actions would have very bad consequences for them in the coming decades. So they came up with a shitty plan to enslave everyone with central bank digital currency and a pandemic, and here we are. Anyway watch her videos, she's very insightful and able to explain things in a very clear way. Also read/watch John Taylor Gatto's material about schooling, he has the same qualities as her in being very knowledgeable and making things clear and easy to understand.
>>6073 > Fittz That's a typo, her last name is spelled Fitts. Both of her videos are linked from here: https://planetlockdownfilm.com/full-interviews/ Start with the 2020 one. I uploaded that one to some chans a long while ago but don't have the links to those threads anymore. If the links above don't work, let me know and I'll try to provide another one.
>>6073 I know who controls those people, I interact with them daily, they are not human, theres 40+ species that design it all.
>>6086 Which species do you have the names of?


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