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goodbye late Anonymous 11/12/2021 (Fri) 16:12:00 No. 5733
it is me the one who used to post about being sad this is my last post ever i cant take it anymore the one who i loved is with a ho now i wanted to be his he made me feel a certain way now all my friends are gone goodbye everyone
No man is worth this, love. I can promise you that.
I do hope that this a truly a good bye /Late/ and not a good bye cruel world. Nothing is EVER worth killing yourself over. EVER... Please don't go through with a suicide if thats what you're planning. its not worth it. A friend of mine said it was an instant regret as soon as he jumped off a 5 story building. Luckily he lived. So I hope you aren't going to go through with it if you are planning on it. There is always some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. you just gotta find it. Good luck anon. I really do hope you didn't go through with it.
>>5735 This. You can always find someone else. It's going to hurt right now, but just keeping pushing on.
>>5733 What a load of horseshit. Women don't love men. Women only see men as utility.
>>5745 Fuck off. It's people like you that make people like OP go through with suicide. So shut up faggot
(217.18 KB 1727x1770 neopets43534.jpg)
>>5733 I loved a girl that played with my emotions for 3 years. In the end I finally gave up on her and it took a good year or so to recover. I would be lying if I said I hadn't looked out my window too many times during that year. Yet, despite being a NEET even I later somehow how found love and we've been together for 3 years. There is hope! You have to make it through this though, it can only get better if you pull yourself forward. This guy isn't worth your life, he doesn't love you if he's off with some other girl without your consent. Don't give your life for someone who doesn't deserve it! Cry, wail, run, scream, do whatever until your center returns. But don't die! >>5745 Wrong board anon. That eternal september you're part of is on another site.
>>5735 Everyone is self-interested. Not all love is reciprocated.
>>5733 hey. hope that you didn't end it all. Please respond if you're ok. idk who you are but I genuinely hope you're still alive.
>>5745 make your own thread if you feel the need to bitch about something instead of shitting on someone who is suicidal.


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