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Anonymous 12/04/2021 (Sat) 04:28:03 No. 5818
Do you enjoy the 90s /late/?
>>5818 wasn't there
no i wasn't there and i hate 90s kids nostalgia. 90s kids are retarded and obsessive and i've listened to their constant dick prancing about how much better shows for 5 year olds were when they were 10. it's half the reason why terrible remakes keep cropping up. worst is when they get nostalgic over something that never disappeared to begin with.
(30.45 KB 310x498 book.jpg)
The early 90's were pretty good, almost like the mid/late 80's. After that things got shitty quick.
Not at all. Might just be due to bad personal experiences, though. All I know for certain is that life started getting good (well, acceptable) for me once I was finally allowed to get online in the mid-00s. That's when the world opened up and I could do more than sit in my room playing with legos and video games.
(168.45 KB 352x315 1501871218502.png)
>>5818 The '90s were better than the decades that followed in most ways, but a lot of people overdo it with the praise. Also, Buffcoat and Beaver is easily one of my favorite shows. >>5824 I was crapping my diaper in the early '90s, but I've always kind of agreed with this. Even as a kid I noticed how sterile things started to feel as the end of the millennium came closer. There's been a resurgence of interest in the Y2K aesthetic in the past few years, but I still can't really appreciate it. I've always been drawn toward '80s and early '90s pop culture, but the second half of the decade always seemed like a step down to me in most aspects. A lot of the things I was fondest of as a kid were considered old hat at the time, so my positive memories of the '90s are tangled up with the earlier media I enjoyed during my childhood. Since I was in elementary school, I've oddly felt more nostalgia and affection for '80s pop culture than what came later (despite not having lived through any of the decade).
hate to lie, but yeah, the 1990s were pretty nice if you compared it to current times. maybe because was a kid back then, and there aren't constantly more and new distractions. There isn't a desperate need to push things away and slow down your life - life is as slow as you want it to be. Many, if not most, of us poor kids didn't have a computer, less so dial-up internet or cable TV. Bored is only felt after you realised you have rewatch or re-read the same thing for the umpteenth times and literally can recite the whole thing at any given point. There is also, for the most part, a sort of naive-ness that doesn't seem out of place.
(48.85 KB 303x500 CYoA2.jpg)
>>5845 I used to go to the library and get new books to read. I used to ride my bike around town, hang out with other kids who had bikes, even go ride to a place on the other side of town that had trails for dirtbikes. Or I'd go to the park and skate (board or rollers, I had both) or kick a ball around. When we went to the countryside for summer vacations I'd go on long bike rides on mostly empty backroads in the mountains. There were other kids there usually to play with also, and fields and farm animals all over the place. Back in the city, I'd go to the track and run, or visit some friends and play D&D. There was basically always something to do, and the only time I was bored is if my family went to a place where they did things with other adults and there weren't any other kids and I was basically expected to sit around and be quiet. I soon learned to bring books with me, or else I'd end up spending hours looking out the window and daydreaming. Also we had these books and other gamebooks long before I got a computer. Kids at school passed them around.
>>5818 I kind of miss it, I kind of don't.
I kind of wish I was born earlier to experience life when the internet was more primitive than it was. I got online somewhere around 2009 in elementary school and have been online ever since. It was slightly different back then though, with Newgrounds and such.
>>5818 BASED beavis poster I'm drunk and I have nobody to say this so I'm gonna say it here: NIGGGGGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now that that's out of the way, well yeah I like any period of time prior to the current one because the current one is the worst one in the entire history of humanity. Like this is the gayest humanity has ever been in the, like, million years we've been here. sucking a wooly mammoths hairy ballsac is less gay than the current year
>>5850 anyone remember reading the 3rd planet from altair or something like that? it was one of those choose your adventure books and I always ended up getting myself killed out in space and stuff. honestly it kinda freaked me out sometimes and I would cheat and pretend I dsidn't choose that path
>>5818 I lived in an ex socialist country the 00s for us was basically the 90s of America.
>>5845 I remember that fucking donkey kong 3d animated show 30 years later mainly because there was nothing to do but watch it when it was on on sunday afternoons. The first one, then the repeat two hours later. Awful. >>5850 This is peak childhood and I wish I could go back and un-waste all that time in front of the retard-cube to do those things. Though where I grew up you'd need a car for most of it. >>5818 Yeah, kinda. I have nostalgia for a lot of that shit. I found some VHS cassettes last summer, for example, and had some fun sitting in front of an old TV seeing what was on them. Mostly WWF. I vaguely remember being torn between watching Monday Night Raw and playing Ocarina of Time, so I recorded a few episodes. The actual content isn't as nostalgic as the commercials. The way people looked and dressed. The pre-internet world, where if you were to explain some of the absurdities of the 2020s to a person of that era, they'd rightly call you a fucking loser. >Like, you carry around this device 24/7 so you know when people are talking about you? Enjoy your swirlie, nerd. Then again, I think back to sitcoms of that era like "Friends" (which in theory embodies the archetypal '90s twentysomething) and not only do I find nothing to be nostalgic for, it's mostly the same shit that I sometimes have to endure watching or overhearing when spending time with my mother: sub-mediocre people saying things that would repulse the audience if not for the laugh track. There are things we've lost and which are to our detriment as a culture, but a lot of it is obviously just a step along the path that led us to this horrible period.


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