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Preparation/Homesteading Anonymous 2021-12-19 (Sun) 16:01:34 No. 5924
Here we discuss any and all things related to making yourself and your loved ones self-sufficient in the event of a Happening or economic collapse. Before you dismiss this as something for the rich or those with too much time, remember that everyone starts small and that every little bit helps. The three most basic steps in my view are gardening, acquiring a firearm (that you can reliably use), and moving as far away as possible from dependence on electricity. What have you frens been doing to get ready? What do you believe to be the most likely disaster to come?
>>5924 >The three most basic steps in my view are gardening, Being able to generate or even just supplement your food supply is very important, agreed. >acquiring a firearm (that you can reliably use), Whatever one's political stance is, a gun is a very practical and valuable tool, yes. >and moving as far away as possible from dependence on electricity. This one I would slightly differ. I understand the appeal of going fully off grid, but there are just too many advantages that being able to use electricity that imo, it's worth trying to get at least some electrical generation or storage option. Whether that's individual home scaled solar, wind, or gas generator hooked up to a bank of batteries to run a laptop and charge or run electrical devices including power tools. I'd offer another perspective to think of, instead of only going all solo off grid remote innawoods option. I might instead try to develop and strengthen a network of trusted people who can be relied on in a SHTF situation. >What do you believe to be the most likely disaster to come? I honestly do not know, however there is no shortage of highly probable and some already happening situations that can certainly use a survivor mindset. <economic depression, wuhanfluenza lockdown and such <major military geopolitical event aka large scale war <natural disaster or damage to major infrastructure <social cohesion reduction aka riots Personally, the large stuff scenario I'm not sure I can deal with, so I just try to prepare for at least the generic recommended "have 2-4 weeks of essential supplies in case of emergencies". As well as keep practicing my mindset to be calm cool and collected if a happening does happen, and honing my social networking skill. Maybe befriend the closest Amish community, or cowboy era or colonial pioneer re-enactor groups.
>>5930 I agree with almost everything in your post (actually, everything). Just remember that you can pick and choose what to leave behind. The main reason I don't trust the grid is because it is so fickle and can falter due to bad maintenance. The easiest thing for me is to get a wood pellet furnace for the winter. If you have a basement, those things can heat the whole place. Innawoods is a bad strategy, I will give you that. It only makes you a HUGE target for feds and pillaging nogs. Honestly, a neighborhood defense committee with le barricades (research CNT-FAI if uninformed) seems the best option. If you are in the cities though, you are thoroughly fucked.
this thread is heavy /schizo/
>>5933 Nice dubs You say that like it's a bad thing!
>>5924 How do you guys feel about those shelters they sell for your backyard? The best model I could find was from Vivos, but they sold out a long time ago. Is it worth it to invest in a shelter away from home?
>>5931 >The main reason I don't trust the grid is because it is so fickle and can falter due to bad maintenance. Very understandable especially if it's in an area with shitty maintenance of infrastructure. That said, starting in small steps never hurt, I think those small solar panels that are between 100-200 dollars, sometimes used for camping or small cabins, hooked up to a powered cooler, can give you added options. Mobile options, if you have a minivan or truck. >If you are in the cities though, you are thoroughly fucked. Yeah, most cities are fucked because of factors and reasons that I won't get into now, but I think you know what lack of social cohesion, lack of shared values and trust, and lack of unity can do to any community can do. >you can pick and choose what to leave behind. Agreed and well put, it's one of the reasons why I am trying to declutter and organize my life.
>>5924 If I were to start canning, what would you recommend beginning with? I do have some homegrown produce, but sadly you can't live off of three to four types of plant. Any ideas?
>>5924 What is /late/'s preferred caliber of ammunition to use for a general purpose firearm? I've always been partial to the 9mm for light duty (those carbines are incredibly based), but I also like 7.62X39 for heavier tasks (namely fighting hostileniggers).
>and moving as far away as possible from dependence on electricity. what if we captured some nuclear scientists and took control over a nuclear plant and boom we are the new rulers now
>>5991 >inb4 it isn't that simple I'm in for the memes alone.
>>5989 .22 is all you need anon, 9mm does barely more damage while being much heavier.
>>6174 .22s can literally bounce off people's skin
>>6174 Notwithstanding the small size of the actual bullet, the cartridge doesn't have the stopping power to pacify the threat. It would have to be a thousand cuts death, and by then they would have returned fire.
>>5924 >gardening Something I learned from my summer gardens is to avoid growing crops with a 'large appetite' or one that uses the same nutrients from soil that others do. I loathe squashes and similar crops because of the sheer amount of nutrients it takes them to form their shells. Usually they kill everything else or only turn out one per plant in a season. Similarly, growing too many acidic plants or basic plants together can really fuck your haul over. I assume most posters here don't have industrial/generational tilled and prepped soil to work with, so try and use what natural value is there sparingly. Generally, for subsistence or supplement farming, I would advise growing one of each type of thing to use all different nutrients in moderation (i.e. one lettuce, one tomato, one hay (if livestock) one legume, one bean, etc.
lol why would you even wanna live in a world like that until you die of something incredibly treatable ten years down the road? Use the gun to neck yourself.
electricity has its benefits, its not very in-line with the whole cabin vibe, but a freezer or refrigerator is extremely useful and is well worth the effort needed to maintain one. unless you live in a place with a decent supply of ice year-round. then its negotiable.
(34.32 MB 1280x720 schizo.mp4)
Do you guys think that running away to argentina like my grandpas from Wehrmacht in the case of WW3 is a good idea? Into some nice comfy Bariloche? This country seems to be big enough shithole so that it wont become total nuclear wasteland like the rest. And if the worst war criminals could get away there I could too right?
(57.74 KB 900x620 Prophecy.jpg)
>>5989 >>6174 >>6304 >>6306 >Cartridges Anyone worth a grain of salt would know that shotguns are better for survival/prepping purposes. Slugs, birdshot, and buckshot all offer a variety of options that cartridges can't compete with. Not to mention the fact that small gauges basically function as rifles with the right chokes. Think of it this way: modern shotguns are far more accurate than unrifled muskets, so if men could fight wars with those, surely you can survive with a shotgun.