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CULTS Anonymous 2020-02-14 (Fri) 16:13:54 No. 606
Have you ever met anyone that was a cult member? Live somewhere that has had a cult? What makes people join cults in your opinion? If you were a cult leader what would you do?
(91.10 KB 255x255 1581364533589.png)
Yes, I'm in a cult, The Cult of Moth. Our cult is a nocturnal cyber cult, that originated as a shitpost, but then became an authentic spiritual philosophy as anons contributed their esoteric beliefs in growing dedication.

The Cult of Moth is a dualistic philosophy and MOTH simultaneously stands for (Making Our way Towards Heaven) and (Making Our way Towards Hell). This is to denote we have no final destination and are instead on a never ending flight through exploration and transformation. If you would like to learn more, our Shrine is headquartered here: https://xchan.wtf/rel/res/64.html

The Cult of Moth is for those seeking metamorphosis. We transcend traditional limits and value personal growth and autonomy.
don't think i've met one,
at the very most, some were from some off-shoot sects of the mainstream religions found at where i'm from (Christianity, Buddhism, Daoism, and Hinduism).
Cults beyond a certain size are called religions. Tsuki was a cult that was advertised on Lainchan.
I almost joined Tsuki, then my intuition got ahold of me halfway during registration and was like "dude you know you're about to join a cult, right?"

>What makes people join cults in your opinion?
In one of my classes in highschool (psych or sociology, likely the latter) we did a chapter on cults, and I remember learning that some of the big reasons people join a cult are loneliness and the need to belong. That's something I was feeling big time when I considered Tsuki. Only one friend that I felt I was growing distant from (we're closer now), missed out on most/all major social experiences growing up, had no place online to consider "home", stuff like that. Seeing the technological and mystical themes of Tsuki lured me in and made it seem like a place where I'd fit in... then I remembered hearing about Lainchan a few years prior and decided to check it out instead. Now it's my home.
I had a gf more than ten years ago who was in some kind of cult. I think they called themselves 'New Apostolian Church' or whatever and her stepdad was a relatively important figure in that club, therefore I had to visit a few Sunday services too. Dunno, I'd say they were bonkers but rather harmless. And for why I believe people join a cult, I'd say most members are born into it. A few seek meaning or a sense of belonging somewhere. But that's just my guess which is as good as anyone's.
i have my own cult, except i'm the only member. it's not too dissimilar from what >>614 describes, except with some more elaborate framework. i do wish there were cults focused on genuine positivity, but i guess at that point it would just be a nice community instead of a proper cult.
(419.72 KB 1398x1031 2h5p76d.png)
I used to be heavily involved in the online typology community (MBTI/Socionics etc.), and while it's not exactly a cult, it definitely functions like one. The people define your personality based on their rigid system, call out your flaws, and tell you that the only way you can improve upon those flaws is by following their specifically-defined path of development for your personality type. If your behavior deviates from their definition of you, they criticize you for it and call you "unhealthy".
>>3080 given that you're here you're not exactly healthy
I remember coming across a website run by The Family a long time ago and finding it interesting but have never actually run into any real cultists as far as I know. Unless you're talking about stuff like Jehovah's Witnesses or The Salvation Army, that is.
>>3095 ehhh everything is relative
>>3103 Very cool.
im in a cult called "being a piece of shit"
>>3159 That's because making a post like that takes two seconds and isn't time intensive, unlike curating a collection of black dick pics and constantly spamming them.
There's a free-masonic temple under 2 miles away from where I live. Not sure what to make of 'em. >>3080 Fascinating, any more info, anon?