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Nice crawl Thread Anonymous 02/15/2020 (Sat) 07:27:56 No. 607
Hi it's a very sweet night right now. I took xanax and the keys on my keyboard feel soft. I have no plans but to stay up late on this site and wizchan. It's going to be good late nighter and this thread will be the start. If you're here, Ill be here every night in this thread... so please come and pop a post because I guarantee a reply.
I hope you enjoy the images, feel free to dump a few of your own
(57.50 KB 1280x720 JrfVAvS.jpg)
Don't trust anyone but your sounds. Sounds tell you everything, so you have a constant understanding of the sound around you, hyperaware. Even though you don't relize it, all sound, even natural, sharp, soft, loud, quiet, all express a possible response i your brain. Your brain instinctually expexts the worst. So every noise around me must mean something is wrong. The rest of the sense are a lie. We knosw nothing, your balls have taste buds. Everything is mismatched and out of order. It's all chaos, we don't see it, but our brains do, and they're getting tired of the noises. It needs a break or else going to snap. IM SCHIZIOD POOOO0OOster

IE I have porn, not good porn though HAHAHAHAHA
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(504.02 KB 800x600 morocco.jpg)
(36.99 KB 400x533 IMG_20200221_203211.jpg)
that is a... very interesting collection of images, dude
anyhow, hows life treating you, friend
me, im doing kinda terrible
this apple tea is keeping me warm, tho
do you like tea, bud
(49.71 KB 500x334 bn77n97fno7c.jpg)
Cute rat.
(123.47 KB 752x928 7vLfhRq.jpg)
(870.75 KB 2560x1440 bwbeach.jpg)
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I love nicotine, I really really love nicotine. I've gotten sober from a good few years of drug use (a whole trashcan of shit) and if it wasn't for aa and nicotine I'd be a crackhead on the street in no time. I've realized I kinda traded one addiction out for another but in all honesty, I don't give a flying fuck. Atleast I'm not geeked on meth.
This crawl thread might get pruned soon so I'm posting in it to save it. /late/ makes me sad for some reason, maybe because no one's here. Unlike some other places, this one feels very fragmented.
Well, it's hard to get more people considering how the current climate is nowadays.
(32.62 KB 704x541 1588727728049.jpg)
>>607 Really you'd guarantee a answer? Well Ill bite. I just need friends, more than anything. I dont care about getting a girlfriend or whatever I just need somebody to talk to irl. Hope your life is going well man.
(331.77 KB 500x365 1600736117431.gif)
>>1386 >no one's here That's why it's nice.
>>1584 Anon never replied :(


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