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Comfy Blogs Anonymous 02/18/2020 (Tue) 23:43:19 No. 619
I've been looking through blog archives recently and I've starrted to run thin. I think blogs are peobaly the last vestages of the weird internet. Post some links to comfy/wierd blogs, bonus points if they're still active.
this is something i spend way too much time doing. I can't tell you how many hours of classtime i've wasted on diaryland.com reading randos diary entries from the early, early 2000s.

here's a fav blog that isn't on diaryland: http://roadsideweirdness.blogspot.com/
also http://unusualkentucky.blogspot.com/search/label/cemeteries

both havent updated in quite a while, unfortunately :(

Fray is lovely. It was less of a "blog" and more of short stories with comment sections full of similar stories. Fun to read and from the early 2000s when the internet was fresh and blogs were peaking.
(here's the "Hope" section: http://fray.com/hope/. here's two of my favorite stories: http://fray.com/drugs/scar/01.html & http://fray.com/hope/blackout/)

This guy's blog isn't anything special, but it's fun to read entries from '98-'04. https://kottke.org/98/03/
also he still updates.

somewhat unrelated, but here's a fun, timewaster site, as well: https://asdf.com/index.html
All my blogs I have bookmarked all of a sociopolitical nature so distinctly uncomfy.
(612.11 KB 900x1040 1565488443865.png)
I'll post a few.
Northwest Audio Video Guy. This guy developed a cheap audio DAC that way undercut and overperformed commercial products. The specs are free so you can make your own if you're good with electronics. A few small companies put them together for a decent price too. Not long after releasing it he mysteriously stopped posting.
Neat programming blog by a guy who posted on /tech/ a few times.
The Mad Monarchist. He stopped posting a couple years ago, still hoping he comes back.
Site that goes into depth about the musical languages created for the Ar Tonelico and Ar Nosurge games. They even made fonts.
Another programming blog. I recommend the posts on TempleOS and Jak and Daxter.
Orthodox Christian blog with a focus on John Bekkos, a Patriarch of Constantinople who wrote a lot about reconciliation of the Great Schism.

not related but holy moly dude.. i was watching a video on the story of TempleOS and its creator while your attached image kept on popping up in my mind, but i can't point my finger as to where i saw it.
(113.54 KB 533x799 13853380964_31e553089e_c.jpg)
Just found this one:
It's a french dollmaker's blog; hasn't been updated since 2014 though.
> mfw sad
> masturbate (2nd time already)
> smoke
> eat a cookie
> try to go to sleep
Who /coping mechanisms/ here?
How pleasant that I found my website mentioned here. I'll share a few now. This is a nice programming website, and he also goes into detail on hardware X-rays and other things: http://www.loper-os.org This one is fairly well-known, I'd figure, but still worth a mention; it concerns itself with criticizing Mozilla and like things: https://digdeeper.neocities.org This man doesn't post much, but he runs a CHIP-8 game jam using his own implementation, and other neat stuff: http://beyondloom.com
https://voyager.neocities.org/ https://cloverbell.neocities.org/ these two are not really blogs, but they have diary entries that are lots of fun to read I have tons of blogs bookmarked but none of them are very comfy or weird. https://golem.ph.utexas.edu/category/ might fit, since it's stylized as a late night cafe
(2.31 MB 2592x1944 Comfy.png)
>>619 Its not a blog website, but I think my site is comfy. http://ps6qiwrdfj73vuoqg5pkllpblfadi34mwkvjeybhi7qsbxqggz4uwlid.onion:5556 I post old books.
https://agoranomic.org/ At 28 years old, Agora is the longest running nomic. It has also seen around 200 players come and go, with an average of 15-20 at any given time. Some players have been playing for more than a decade. Agora has been around for a long time, and plans to stay. Despite this age, there is no fundamental difference between new and experienced players. Long participation and notable achievement is rewarded with official recognition, not special privilege. Players can participate as soon as they join, experienced players will help you learn, and all voices are appreciated in all conversations.
>>619 there's lots of strange stuff hosted on subdomains of neocities, i think they even have an overboard to browse them all on too iirc. one of my favorites https://botany4u.neocities.org/readings/
Does anyone else feel a weird sense of nostalgia from reading old blogs? I search up on livejournal "I miss 2002" or "I love 2002" etc, and then feel nostalgic when reading peoples posts. I like to think about where these people are now. I feel nostalgic for years, and times that I have barely experienced, or have not experienced at all
>>6648 I'm pretty sure that's just a side effect of getting older. There's over 4000 years of written history of people living their lives. The only difference between reading the notes and opinions of a Roman citizen from 200AD and an American citizen at the turn of the millennia is that the early 2000's are close enough to your youth to feel an innate familiarity.
>>6648 For me, it kind of hurts knowing those times are gone, and not even so long ago. Guess that's a drawback to living through a transitional period in history.
(3.29 KB 640x400 TotSE ad.png)
This wasn't really a blog, because the author posted regularly to Usenet in the mid 90's. Then he archived his stuff to these websites. If one doesn't work, try the other (should be the same stuff basically). http://www.oocities.org/southbeach/lights/5427/virgin1.html http://losernet.tripod.com/virgin5.html


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