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Alcohol thread Anonymous 08/19/2019 (Mon) 04:54:03 No. 64
Hey /late/ whats your favorite booze for night
Armenian brandy is something special. A favorite of Churchill.
never heard that before, I'll have to give it a try.

I've been on a sour drink kick lately and need more of it
(70.60 KB 600x422 rasputin-featured.jpg)
My go to, when I can get a hold of it. Not many places seem to keep it in stock anymore.
(40.57 KB 450x450 0004006317546_A.jpg)
A fine stout, had it once on a whim.

Im a huge fan of pic related

I'm pretty fond of Kirin as well, Asahi is good to. The Japs make make good ビール in general I guess.
Lucky dubz and big agree. If I was stuck drinking only one nation's beer for the rest of my life I would have to go with Nippon.
They do very good whisky, too, if that’s your thing. I usually go for smokier, heavily peated whisky, but I’ve been really enjoying some of the lighter Japanese offerings.
What'd you guys recommend to someone who doesn't drink much? I'm not a lightweight, I just don't really have preferences since all I've had is whiskey and jaegermeister
What you’re drinking often depends on when and why. The golden rule is: If you think you might like it, try it. Don’t worry overmuch about what others think, what works for you is best.

Other than that, it’s hard to give recommendations blind... What kind of whisky do you drink? What do you like/dislike about it? Have you tried beer/cider, etc?
What kind of things do you like to eat/drink generally?

My brother, we are in complete agreement. Old Rasputin is a delicious beer.
The cheapest vodka I can find and something lemon-lime to make it potable.
(34.92 KB 500x375 reaction_00_04.jpg)
Vodka cocktail with melatonin. Still can't sleep.
Maybe sleep is an elusive always fading into the distance.
Also, Shiraz I pretty decent.
I tried alcohol and it tasted like shit. I think I have that gene that makes alcohol taste bitter. Is there a remedy for this or should I just give up?
>Is there a remedy for this
You are probably better off disliking alcohol so I wouldn't tamper with that, especially if your goal is getting wasted. But alcoholic drinks have a huge range of flavors so it's silly to dismiss them after trying them once. Maybe you just had something really crappy.
Wine, beer, whiskey, rum, vodka all taste very different, there are a million variants of each, and quality matters a lot especially when it comes to location.
And I think you develop a taste for it as you age. Most young people just don't like wine, no matter how good. You serve them the most splendid wine and they think it's barely drinkable. They usually gravitate towards sweeter drinks because they hide the taste of alcohol.
What did you drink?
>What did you drink?
Hard cider and this weird fruit punch shit I got at my convenience store. I took 1-2 sips of the latter and poured the rest into the sink.
Sounds like a terrible experience.
It was pretty harmless. Stuff was cheap and it didn't linger on my palate or anything.
Drinking at night us a different experience. It feels otherworldly.
That's true. And since we're at it, I'll get a little drink right now.
How so?
Mulled wine or mulled cider is a decent warm buzz, especially on winter nights. Red wi E is my go to in winter as well, esp a decent Shiraz.


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