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holy shit im 17 Anonymous 03/22/2022 (Tue) 12:56:02 No. 6526
im only 1 year away from being a legal adult and 1 year away from getting piled with responsibilities and i fucking hate that shit fuck am i gonna do now ? i got no talents and if i can't get a house by the time im 25 im literally gonna game end myself because if i can't even get my own property i have failed in all of my ventures and there will be nothing for me in this world to do but goddamn i still haven't got rid of my laziness and motivate myself to do the things i want to do
>>6526 Anon you were never meant to live up to societies expectations. They set us all up to fail. They want to milk you then toss you aside. Just do whatever you want to do.
>>6529 yeah don't worry i already don't give two shits about societies expectation it's just i can't live up to my own expectation it seems i have lost the drive to do anything productive for myself and what am i going to do after i turn 18 ? do i magically become more motivated and less of a loser ? or do i stagnate in someones basement until i die of a heart attack after munching on some no brand healthy™ chips ?
>>6526 go to alaska and catch fish. it will fix you and you will be rich too. they hire anyone and will fly you over there as well
>>6531 Nothing magical happens at 18. I would say try and think about why you don't feel motivated. Just ask yourself that question and you should get the answer. There are many explanations for it but only you know why you feel that way.
>>6526 haha 2005 here as well. enduring the crisis incoming of having to actually have a job and have responsibilities to survive or be "successful" life's crazy, i feel as if i blinked and now i'm set to get my license in 2 weeks. you're not alone homie
>>6531 The only thing that happens at 18 is your parents become able to legally kick you out of the house. I fucked around in college for a wooping 6 years without getting a degree of even decent grades. Nothing seemed worthwhile or meaningful. It was all pointless. When I felt like ending it all I joined the military hoping they'd at least give me a battlefield to die on. Instead they gave me a desk job. It was 7 years of a different, more abstract kind of hell but at least i've saved up enough money to be independent while I go back to school. My biggest regret was not simply doing this first. Now i'm 31 and essentially starting from square one again. Fortunately the gubmint has been spending the last few decades propagandizing the military into an object of worship, so if I fuck up school again i'm at least hireable.
(1.60 MB 400x226 snake.gif)
>>6536 >2005oids are 17 this year Something feels very wrong about that. In my head time sort of has stopped in 2018. I feel old man, I feel old. I'm not even 25 yet I feel ancient.
>>6557 It feels real weird.
>>6531 Find something you love to do and run with it. Then find a job that relates to it. No one wants to do a job they hate and work is only work if you don't like what your doing. If you like playing with circuits, get an apprenticeship as an electrician or become and engineer. Love to draw? Become an artist and start making commissions. If you're good enough at anything, and there's a niche to make money in, go for it. Live your life like you want to, but don't ever stop and think society has fucked you. Because the only time society has fucked you, is when you let it.
>i got no talents and if i can't get a house by the time im 25 im literally gonna game end myself You've probably heard this already a million times, but everyone thinks this way when they're younger. Not to say that this isn't a good goal, but you'll quickly learn that everything is screwed and you're probably not going to own property until your 40s at best. I thought I would be married by now, I'm still a bachelor and I haven't had a date in 5 years. Also no one has any talents, you start building skills by getting out there. Get a job, and try to learn whatever you can while you're working. You can get a job flipping burgers, or get a job doing some real labor, either way make the same money, but real work is going to teach you more. >>6572 >Find something you love to do and run with it. Then find a job that relates to it. No one wants to do a job they hate and work is only work if you don't like what your doing This might work for some people, but general rule of thumb, work is work, everyone hates their job, you just have to learn to cope with it. Man needs work, idleness is poison, and even a job you hate should make you happier than being a bum. Goodluck
>>6526 ngl im around the same age and am thinking about just doing myself the favor and killing myself being a slave to money until i die doesn't seem fun, school is essentially a joke, i don't want to work constantly for the rest of my life. fuck it man idk
>>6536 2005 here too! It's somewhat nice to know im not the only one having an absolute crisis over this.
>>6526 Spend two weeks being physically isolated from any objects that cause your laziness.
>>6526 >if i can't get a house by the time im 25 im literally gonna game end myself If you just waited 5 more years at 25, you could get magical powers! But seriously, why you couldn't live in your parents basement after 25? You should study many things to find something that really interest you and then try to get a job/education that is related to something that interest you.
>>6838 >But seriously, why you couldn't live in your parents basement after 25? i dont know if OP is american, but american culture is against that kind of stuff. boomers think its normal to kick their kids out as soon as they are adults. im fortunate to have a lenient family, my sister got married and lives in her own house, but her old room in our house is still available for her lol
>>6841 I don't know why more single people don't disregard the social programming and stay with their families. It saves money and looks like it's only going to become more sensible in the future with the way the economy and society as a whole is going. I guess a lot of people don't have good relationships with their family members nowadays.
>>6842 >I guess a lot of people don't have good relationships with their family members nowadays. this is 100% the reason. all i hear from young people is that they hate their parents. western families are such disasters. i wonder what will happen when the generational wealth dries up, will everyone live in apartments?
>>6843 >i wonder what will happen when the generational wealth dries up, will everyone live in apartments? this is actually one of the reasons im hoping to get a house with a property don't have to worry about rent if you own the fucking land and with how paranoid im becoming this'll probably eliminate one thing to worry about and not relying too much on others
>>6526 Lol, I'm 26 and still living with my parents.
>>6854 You can always embrace the tedpill and live inside the great nomam woods.
>>6857 i wonder how many people are out there doing that. the goobermint has a good incentive to prevent people from being off the grid, so there's probably drones flying around looking for any signs of people living in the woods
>>6856 I do too and I'm older than you.
>>6862 In my case I'm working from home, I could afford to move but I refuse because its just cheaper and more comfortable for me(home cooked meal, cheap place to live, etc...) . I really hate this American culture of thinking that living with your parents is something shameful. Asians are right in that regard of seeing nothing wrong in multi generational households.
>>6861 I watch a lot of offgrid videos in jm YouTube and many of them seems to involve huge initial costs. Many of them have solar panels. I wonder if its possible to completely live off the grid in the modern age. If you're willing to make some sacrifice, that is.
>>6864 >If you're willing to make some sacrifice, that is. thats the thing, people just dont want to give up modern technology >offgrid videos >Many of them have solar panels thats not truly living off the grid. i think there's families in siberia that live off the land and havent been exposed to modern technology, so they have no problems. for someone like me that grew up around electronics and abundance in food, it would be too difficult
>>6863 Living with your parents is shameful. There's no need to lie to yourself.
>>6864 I've been watching the same. It seems like the up-front cost is the land, whatever tenement you intend to live in, and a big heap of money because there's just so much stuff you ought to have already, like a truck, and a full set of tools to do all the work required. Anything you don't know how to do yourself you have to pay someone else to do, which is unbelievably expensive. You probably need heat, especially if you live in the north and have indoor plumbing of any kind, so a wood-burning stove seems like a good way to go. Probably <$1k. You need some way of disposing of your shit. Shitting in the woods is an option, but there are people living in vans and using some kind of composting toilet, however much that costs. You need a water source, but provided the land has water under it (maybe you wouldn't if you lived too far above sea level?) but I've seen the procedure for digging a well, and it's neither expensive nor complicated, but the cost and required knowledge add up with all these considerations. You can't shitpost without electronics, so at a minimum you'd probably want a $100 solar panel, and a much more expensive battery. If all you need is a tablet and don't mind having to run off the tablet battery at night, you could bring the cost down pretty low. If you don't mind the battery system being shitty and inconvenient, you can use lead-acid truck batteries instead of the good kind like you have in your phone. Your panels have to connect to a controller that manages the current and voltage, and that's probably a couple hundred dollars. Traplines and Inlines did a video where he used a signal booster to get reception on his phone in the middle of nowhere, which you'd probably also have to do. It seems like you can get a surprisingly useful amount of power for ~$2500, recurring every 5-10 years depending on your luck. You need food, and for that you can maybe scrape by with a henhouse, which could be pretty expensive even if you build it yourself, depending on lumber costs. Nutritionally you need more than eggs, so you're still beholden to the grocery store unless you have people you can barter with reliably. You'd also need a vehicle (probably a truck) for transportation, which is another thing that can be an order of magnitude more or less expensive if you know how to fix cars, but which also has a large ongoing cost of ownership when parts go bad, which is inevitable. I wonder about property taxes, though. You can buy the land and all that, but depending on your jurisdiction you probably have to suck off all kinds of regulatory paper-pushers for "licenses" and whatever, on top of being extorted annually for the land. >What's that? You made something of value on the land that you own? You'll have to pay us double. >What's that? You're growing your own food and raising your own livestock to subsist on? Time to pay the farmer tax. I haven't even looked into it because I feel like the fuckery is surely endless, and will worsen as people try to escape from their these collapsing concrete hellscapes.
>>6883 i think offgrid living implies that you say "screw you" to society and live innawoods and dont acknowledge any authority (dont pay any taxes). with all the points you mentioned, you might as well just live in some rural community


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