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(2.64 MB 4128x3096 20220323_134129.jpg)
Urbex thread Anonymous 2022-03-29 (Tue) 18:11:08 No. 6569
Post some urbex pictures, videos or stories.
(4.32 MB 4128x3096 20220323_123442.jpg)
(2.90 MB 4128x3096 20220323_124234.jpg)
(3.27 MB 4128x3096 20220323_124256.jpg)
(6.03 MB 4128x3096 20220323_124926.jpg)
(3.02 MB 4128x3096 20220323_134145.jpg)
(2.75 MB 4128x3096 20220323_134723.jpg)
(3.88 MB 4128x3096 20220323_134728.jpg)
(2.78 MB 4128x3096 20220323_140024.jpg)
This is an old factory in Seraing, Belgium. It's definitely the biggest urbex site I've ever explored. There were at least 8 buildings and the whole site was the size of an entire district.
(1021.14 KB 1200x1600 mine.jpg)
(113.79 KB 1920x1080 IMG_20211121_232617.jpg)
(310.89 KB 1600x1200 Photo-0012a.jpg)
>>6569 I plan to visit an abandoned mine in summer (hope the water inside will be at a low level). I haven't got a camera or a modern phone, but maybe I'll borrow one to someone to take some pictures. I'm more accustomed to industrial places and cities abandoned buildings. I like to go alone. I usually don't take photos (I'm not into photography). I just like the game to "found" the good way to go inside then wandering lonely in these places. Here the entrance of the mine and some shoots I took from rooftops by night.
>>6570 Looks like a nice view judging from those last three pictures.
There's not a lot of stuff within short distance of me that's abandoned or worth exploring, but I might drive out to further cities if there's anything worth checking out. The most I've done is exploring schools after hours (at least on a school night there's the risk of being caught by faculty still there who could catch you snooping around), explore some closed off storm drains, and years ago there was construction on the freeway ramp nearby. That was probably the most fun and I did that a few times before construction completed. It was really dark out when I'd explore, and I still had a flip phone at the time so my pictures all came out black. Climbing on the dark side of the ramp to stay hidden didn't help for pictures either. You could climb to the top as no cars could drive on it yet and even climb inside the machines. I could see into the bedroom windows of some houses nearby, and I was too far away in the dark for them to see me. (Sadly no one did anything interesting. It was usually just people lounging in bed fully clothed watching TV before going to sleep.) Due to some issues getting back home one time I did have to trespass through a backyard. Would probably be scarier now due to more homes having Ring cameras or similar, but even then I chose the most abandoned looking one.
>>6570 Nice. I'd love to explore an abandoned factory but everything here is in operation. My best bet would be to just find whichever one is the quietest and hope security is minimal. Not really interested in dealing with security though unless I know the area well enough to find good hiding spots.