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I can't stop masturbating Anonymous 04/02/2022 (Sat) 03:35:56 No. 6578
I just finished jacking off, and I don't feel very nice about it. It feels like every 2 days, I relapse into masturbating, and I really wanna quit. Any help, bros?
Find something that engages your body when you have the urge to masturbate (like exercising, can be jogging, swimming, working out, etc.) Do you use pornography? Find a way to put distance between it and you when you feel susceptible, and make it as inconvenient as possible to access in general (like with a parental block).
bruh i jack off every night
>>6583 To sleep, I bet. Disgusting. Sense some shame.
>>6580 I rarely watch porn now, which is a good thing. My girlfriend and I have videos where we do it though, idk if that counts as porn, but that's what i use when I jack off. also pictures of her (with her consent, ofc) I always try to distract myself but I seem to fall back into it. Maybe the distraction isn't quite enough. thanks for the advice
>>6583 I used to do it up to three times a day. I'm down to like three times a week now mainly due to life circumstances.
>>6585 You ask your GF for consent every time you're about to wank to a picture of her? lol
>>6587 no, I meant consent to take pictures, and videos of her
>>6584 nah don wanna


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