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(200.76 KB 870x549 how-to-become-a-workaholic.jpg)
How do i become a workaholic Anonymous 2022-04-07 (Thu) 06:07:16 No. 6600
im sick and tired of being a dysfunctional lazy cunt i'd rather become a dysfunctional workaholic that actually gets shit done
im sick and tired of being a dysfunctional workaholic. I'd rather become a dysfunctional lazy cunt that doesn't worry about getting shit done.
Younger I was a lazy fuck. Spending all days smoking weed and doing nothing. I tried lots of jobs and never feel any fulfillment. Until I started a job as a night security private guard, I like this job and it makes me happy but I still like being lazy at home listening some good music and doing nothing. You just have to found the good balance anon.
Start reading non-fiction books! Explore practical topics that both interest you and that you can apply to the real world, and before you know it getting better at things doesn't feel like work :) Computer science books, chemistry books, math books, financial management books, physical fitness guides, etc can all be a lot of fun if you give them the chance <3 also drink more coffee to do dumb things but faster and with more energy!!!
>>6600 If you're currently unemployed you could try getting a part-time job. I tend to get lazy when I'm not doing something, and get more productive when I'm already in the habit of working.
>>6600 Basically what you want is to live kind of like someone who has agency (ie, you want to make money) without the discomfort of having to be your own person (ie, you'd rather be acted upon by an involuntary compulsion than have to practice agency.) Most are so inured by a lifetime of institutionalization that living like an actual human no longer seems like a real possibility. It seems to be like shining sunlight onto someone who's been caged in a dark basement all his life; the very idea of freedom is excruciating and incomprehensible. Shit is fucked my dudes.