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the end Anonymous 04/30/2022 (Sat) 07:04:03 No. 6696
late it happened i dated the boy of my dreams (since January) and now he just left me I feel so alone it was going so well I dont know what to do anymore
>>6696 I'm sorry to hear this. Everything happens for a reason, making you stronger at the end of the day. Sometimes the person of our dreams isn't who we think they are unfortunately. I thought we'd love each other forever. She left me alone with empty promises. The only person I ever had left me all alone at the worst times possible. I get it. Sometimes it's just not in the cards of our lives. Dream a better dream. I know it's hard. Don't despair. Please have hope. Please be well.
you have to adapt convince yourself there isn't any chance for romantic relationship for you and later you'll get used to the fact that you'll die alone and the hurting will turn to a sting and eventually you'll become numb to it worked for me any way yours may vary
Don't listen to >>6703, he is stuck thinking high school graduation was the end of real life.
>>6720 dude i don't even remember high school
>>6733 Then grow up already lol you have the mentality of an emo graduating seventh grade OP's an obvious young person reporting a story that's a dime a dozen with young people, got dumped and you're telling her (him?) that the response is to convince herself that she'll die alone? You are mentally ill and probably also retarded if you can't see the disconnect in this reaction you propose.
>>6744 yes indeed i might be just fucking retarded but you don't know im spreading this "advice" as a form of population control in my sick sense of heroism
(55.29 KB 544x541 ltg.jpg)
>>6745 If you're so concerned about the population then why don't you kill yourself?
>>6747 holy crap owned
>>6696 Did you do anything to warrant him leaving you?
>>6703 This.


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