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Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 00:21:33 No. 675
Seems like this imageboard is dying, anything we can do about that? I know the decade of image boards is coming to an end but I'd hate to see this place dissapear like the rest, it just saddens me. Where'd everyone go? let's hopefully get this thread going. How is your night/sleepy day?
Op here, O've just been listening to scary stories on youtube all night, good content and easy to consume, check this stry out, I learned about this one in rehab.
Larger sites will burn faster and die young. /late/ will endure the rise and fall of internet supergiants, like a small star that burns its fuel slowly, and lasts for billions of years.

Please never give up hope.

I've been doing weight training recently due to getting locked down. Exercising, and playing games, sometimes I pretend that I'm an astronaut set to explore a far-away planet and the FTL drive will take about 6 months for the two-way trip.
Those are pretty good pass times, do you ever go into deep details about these planets, if so describe them if you'd like.

also good point, I won't give up hope
we're supposed to get some storms here tonight so i'm getting comfy. made a thermos of hot water for tea, got candles at the ready for if power goes out. probably going to spend the night reading some books i've been meaning to get to for a while and playing this Lovecraft-themed dungeon crawler i found recently.

as for the board, i agree with what >>677 says. /late/ has always been a slow board, at sometimes slower than at others. but we're all here for a reason. we sacrifice activity for a true consistent feeling and community. almost every post here is genuine, every anon a friend of the next, brought together by not sleeping enough.
i honestly don't post here much, or on any imageboard anymore, mostly due to Discord occupying the social void that imageboards used to fill. i tried fixing my sleep schedule, like we all do every now and then, but it didnt work. maybe i should start posting here more. i'm up /late/ whether i want to be or not anyway.
no matter what, i love you guys, and this board.
Im watching Trailer Park Boys thinking about my ex. I want to move on with all my soul but it's hard, I've opened up to him and he was the person I could share thing's with but with everyone else I find it hard to open up and connect with. Idk it's weird
I come here at least every 10 days or so. Fear not, I'm not going anywhere.
>Where'd everyone go?
They are circlejerking in their shitty discord
I've been in the same exact situation as you and still am. It feels like no one else is quite like them. People tell me you just gotta find someone new but everyone pales in comparison to her.
uh, heyo up there lads. Wouldja mind comin' down here to us 'umble anons erry now n' agin ta keep us company?
(38.45 KB 460x690 d32bede16d61.jpg)

slow/quiet ≠ dead
I am popping in monthly to weekly, but I rarely can think of anything good to add.
As far as the future is concerned, I think that imageboards or forum might get a second chance. Big sites get influenced by big corporations, China, and other interests. Eventually censorship and cancer will become too much even for normalfags and they will start looking for something else. Tumblr is effectively dead, Facebook is bleeding users already, instagram is slowly being replaced by tiktok, and more and more users on other social media portals are getting upset at the platforms. Twitter is already beginning to lose users and will probably be the next one to crash and burn.
I can only hope this happens, that'd definitely be nice for the most part but the influx of normalfags may take the joy out of it.
they'd probably just go for the big ones like 4chan and the 8kun, which those in the know already avoid due to them glowing from 3 miles off. true normies will likely be content to just shit up the bigger chans. any that manage to find small places like this were probably already IB autists to begin with.
the future is dark habibi but not as dark as we sometimes like to think.
i hate the fact that imageboards are dying. i hate how mainstream 4chan became. i hate how 8chan died. those were the two chans i frequented the most. got a huge torrent of books off 8chan that i'm still going through and thinking about how to sort.

i've been wagecucking for a while, and we are jampacked with grown babies who cannot stay at home and need to go out.
i havent been to lainchan in a while but i imagine it's still pretty good. the conversation there is good quality and on a lot of topics. i dont remember if they have a book sharing board like /pdf/ was or something but they probably do. it's practically as slow as we are but it has tons of old threads that rarely get bumped off.
>huge torrent of books off 8chan
eyy, I got one too. What do you think are the chances they're the same one? It's been a godsend for me, gotten through some hard /late/ nights with them. I think the loss of /pdf/ alone on 8chan is akin to the loss of the library of alexandria. I wish the feds would understand that there's more to us than /pol/shit.
I bet you 10 /late/bux that the feds consider knowledge to be anathema and were glad to have any excuse to shut down a bastion of free thought, collateral damage be damned.
Imageboards come and go. Before 8chan there was also a shitload of other imageboards that we went to to avoid the cancer central that 4chan became, 7chan, 888chan, etc... but 8chan was only special because it allowed user board creation, essentially uniting all other imageboards into a single decentralized one until Jim took over and started centralizing it and turning into a shitty political forum for boomers and edgy who just discovered political ideologies.

What I wonder is why would anyone upload anything important onto 8chan of all places? Come on, at least have a second and a third other place to backup the same files. Like I said, imageboards come and go, nothing lasts forever, and I can't be the only one who understands this.
(437.71 KB 2073x2323 skeletal jazz.jpg)
How can we be dying if we're already undead?
Mind sharing the magnet link? We should really start a /late/ book club.
Unfortunately I no longer have the original, but I could try to make a new one. I've added/renamed/reorganized since torrenting so it wouldn't exactly be the original, but so long as there's a bunch of comfy books who gives an ass? I just need a bit of time.
(95.21 KB 620x620 tty6.jpg)
>i hate how 8chan died.

boy do i miss 8chan too. that's where i first encountered /late/.
regretting not saving/archiving the various /late/ threads before 8chan died.
the webring is functionally similar just with more security right? anyone can make a 'board' either on JulayWorld, or as its own place and have it added right? i've already seen a few old 8ch boards revived on Julay.
(2.09 MB 3840x2160 1583031701913.png)
Earlier I've tried to sleep a bit earlier since I only went to sleep at 5-6am woke up around 3-4pm the past days and wanted to do something about it, but that didn't work so instead of doing my quarantine homework I've just been browsing around, looking what comfy boards I could find to fill the time when the ones I sometimes browse are too slow or have too few threads I'm interested in. I've just stumbled across this one and while I haven't been looking around much it appears to be one of the chillest I've yet found, so I'll visit more often. I don't think you'll need to worry, as slow doesn't mean dead and slow often means the conversations you get aren't just people spurting shit at each other to get in before the thread dies and are actually meaningful in a way.
Concerning what I'm gonna do, I've gotten around to reading again yesterday, which I've been meaning to for awhile and I'm happy about as the new input gives me stuff to think about and puts me in a nice headspace, even when taking a break from the book. The happy thoughts and imagining, still with some doubts, how I'd want to live, trying to find myself a bit more which depression has made so hard for so long and oftentimes still does. Since its getting bright outside again and my concentration is way too low for math to even start math I think I'll keep on reading soon.

Tumblr is by far not dead! I've been using it for the most part of my being on the internet and it's dear to my heart. While I've been taking a break after the purge, where I often thought it to be dead too, I've been frequenting it again for a while now and there are so many niche aesthetics for which it is the ideal place. Many of the blogs have moved or are just gone, but look around and you'll find it to be alive and well. (worse than before the purge, but the hellsite I love)

Lainchan is quite comfy and nice to browse around, there is a /lit/ board where some share threads exist, the current one still being from 2018 but with the newest addition from yesterday. It's worth stopping by, sadly lainzine 5 is still not getting published
(104.46 KB 500x500 bb.gif)
OP here, I've started reading up on 8kun's paranormal board (since 4chan's is garbage and their rabbitholes are just lazy) someone on their is putting together another pedophile sex ring theory and the thread is full of good content.
here's the link to the thread:
Seems like I'm going to browsing on that board a bit more. I'm also really glad to see the good conversation going on this thread, I came back to check on it and was pleasantly surprised with all that I had to read. Sounds like I'm going to be using lainchan a bit more now since ya'll seem to like it. I haven't been on there in a good while. Godspeed to ya'll, enjoy your sleepy night/day.
>still using 8kun
(224.35 KB 605x809 1586057826564.jpg)
just thought it was an interesting thread. They started talking about some weird shit again (to be expected from 8kun) and I ended up not finishing the thread. The webring has really helped finding new and interesting chan sites to use though. I've been lurking on /comfy/ a bit tonight.
It's a bit of a domino effect, I've posted for a while but every time I check it's ded.

I'm having trouble sleeping. Thinking of getting up and grabbing a snack. Maybe I'll cook myself something...
god. <3
>I know the decade of image boards is coming to an end
Anon, that was ten years ago.
I use 8kun and kohlchan almost exclusively
>I know the decade of image boards is coming to an end
Do you really think that? I think right now we stand on the precipice - with 8chan dead and 4chan being a containment site imageboards seem to be popping up everywhere. Hell the webring encourages anons to create their own imageboards. Decentralisation may actually bring about the golden era of imageboards. That said, it could just as easily go to shit. All it would take is a few bad actors on the inside to cause everything to collapse.
I really think we might be on a decent path. Like you said, 8chan's death has led to a mass birth of new imageboards. This means we're going back to the way things were: you want to get away from the chaos and retards on 4chan, you look for a small imageboard (or several) where you can talk about the things you like. And you won't have to worry about it getting DDoSed or meddled with by glows just because it happens to host /pol/ or something.
I don't think it's a good idea to be on the webring forever. Josh's Infinity Next is here, and Julay seems to be slowing down. After some point, you'd expect everyone who browsed /late/ and can reasonably be expected to make the move to have made it here. I wish this place could affiliate with the obscure boards and I like and live on until the end like 4-ch.

Julays.world is dead
9chan is being brigaded right now

The fucking 10chan owner and some faggot nammed dolphin are spamming cp and reporting websites to hosts to get it all taken down.

So there are bad actors, and they are succeeding.
Interboard dramafaggotry is temporary.
Anon is forever.
No, julays is dead, it 404's they got shutdown.
These faggots want to end imageboards for good.
They are gonna end up here eventually
At home, drinking red wine. Heater on, it's cold as fuck. Had some mushroom ravioli for dinner. I've been here for this board's various iterations. I started the horror video game thread in the last version of /late/. Playing Outlast, finally. It's been scaring the he out of me, as I expected.

Keep the faith, guys. This aesthetic and ideology is not for the uninitiated. /late/ will never die if our hearts embrace the owl's lament.
Julay's still alive and kicking, despite the pants-on-head-retarded moderation, but that's besides the point, blackpill-kun.
No matter what happens, anon will be anon.
Where is it alove and kicking? In argentina right besides the fuhrer? Its dead. They have killed julay. I say we close this place for the time being, to keep them from destroying it, or take some other measures. Maybe make some sort of verification for posting. Maybe the mods check posts before allowing them on.I dont know, but if we dont do something, /late/ will be gone. Maybe its the right thing to do, kill off the rest of imageboard culture? We are so few, and with each of these attacks our numbers dwindle
There is no hope for us.
Its called natural selection. Let the evolutionary process continue. You might wanna go back to failbook or something.
(110.84 KB 740x740 smug mado.jpg)
>kill the site to make sure "they" can't kill the site
You're a genius, anon
As for Julay, the only argentinean thing here is the color of your blackpills. Julay's still around, just on a different hostname. If you had spent 30 minutes looking for info around the webring instead of being a defeatist faggot you could've found that out for yourself and still had time left for a fap.
But even if julay had died, even if the entire webring had collapsed in on itself, anons aren't defined by a website, anons are a culture.
(399.35 KB 684x517 64684476.png)
I am going to print out and frame this post in my office.
How are we being attacked, blackpull-kun? I see no intercine war.
Try to connect to julays.word
Right now theyre brigading 9chan
It wont be long before they come here too because... so what if im a pedo and want to post little girls... im still up/late/

They ARE going to come here eventually.
What do we do to defeat them? Surely they will get bored?
We will persist.
In this dying world
The chans poisoned
The old anons have passed on
All the forums turned a deserted land
Annihilation declares his day
Life slowly
Utters "We remain"

Yea, ok, why not. You can get pregnant this way. You can be utterly stupid and believe this. You can be utterly stupid with


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