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Is anyone still here? Anonymous 05/16/2022 (Mon) 06:01:28 No. 6808
I can't tell if I'm here alone or not...
>>6808 The spammers will accompany you anon
>>6808 I come here daily but don't necessarily post much.
>>6808 No, you're not alone, this board is slow due to the its nature.
>>6812 Same >>6814 i actually like it that way, more quality posts
I'm here, but don't post as much as I'd like to. just the lack of activity means there aren't as many conversations here that I have anything to contribute to
>>6808 there's something peculiar about the uncertainty
I actually think that late is unusually active right now.
nah im still here reporting the illegal shit when i see it
>>6832 I appreciate your effort, but I'm sorry to say that I don't receive your reports. The reporting system is broken and has been broken almost since the beginning. I use a tool to scan for and notify me upon new posts. Maybe I should add a janitor or two instead. Anyway. If pizza or chinkshit stays up for more than an hour, it means that I'm asleep and the volunteers are busy.
(230.34 KB 1200x1190 1646478988105.jpg)
>>6808 I haven't been around as much as I'd like lately but I'm still here anon, as are others! >>6834 Is it helpful when I reply to the pizza and chinkshit by asking for it to be nuked? Or is that just more annoying, haven't done that in a while.
>>6852 Apologies for my late response. It isn't really worth replying to the spam, even if you sage, because it doesn't change how soon I see it. If you want to be able to do something when you see the spam though, I would be happy to add you as a janitor. That wouldn't make you responsible for spam when it happens in any way though, just that when you do happen to browse late you have the ability to do something.
(16.35 KB 500x375 moon in piss.jpg)
I'm here. unemployment is fucking my sleep schedule up and killing my passion for life.
>>6908 Nice to see the Tourettes Guy has found gainful employment.
(15.40 KB 549x299 D_KQ2wEVAAAIv2k.jpg)
>>6908 >I'm here. employment is fucking my sleep schedule up and killing my passion for life. Drinking until the end.
(748.83 KB 1200x1494 me.png)
>>6908 >>6929 same for me. also doesn't help that I had so many opportunities to set up a really good career for myself but I had the temerity to ignore all of them
(1.87 MB 700x700 1518027558165.png)
Past midnight and it's still 70f with 95% humidity.
(91.63 KB 600x600 1637698888946.jpg)
I'm here buddy, alone than ever but maybe that's a good thing.
(156.34 KB 961x1280 2022-04-30 21.14.15.jpg)
I just arrived. Comfy board. I like this webring. Will stay around.
(259.76 KB 1920x886 space.jpeg)
>>6971 Welcome aboard late. Let's get alone together.
You are alone.
>>6938 honestly that sounds like hell. where i'm at it just feels hot throughout the whole day. i want to move somewhere where i can always wear layers
(9.21 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
I'm here too.
(51.90 KB 712x960 79b77a01afd09333.jpg)
>>7036 Temps and humidity have dropped considerably enough to turn off the AC. But for how long? Summer starts in a dozen nights.


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