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Anonymous 2022-05-19 (Thu) 02:51:43 No. 6845
I know that this may receive little attention. And I'm also aware that this in of itself is only an articulated idea that each and everyone of us in some capacity have felt. That of course, is the strange somewhat euphoric feeling of browsing threads way past their expiration date... They are stuck frozen in time, like a historical scripture lost to the public. In your mind you can here those ancient runes whistle their voice but, in stark contrast the realty of those words have been forgotten even by the people who have written them in the first place. For any future viewers of this website, there is a good chance you have befell in a trap. Not a trap that intended to harm you but, a trap of memory and the yearning for the younger years of your life or a desire to feel whole whilst being in a trance of confusion and unruly pessimism. You are not alone... but, you too will one day be an ancient relic that has been long forgotten.
I've nothing to add other than to say good introspective post, felt melancholic. No idea why.
hey that's how i feel too when browsing old shit and i sometimes speculate about if there will be a internet historian (not the youtuber) profession were the job is you have to decipher old internet comments and content to figure out what kind of time it was