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Anonymous 05/25/2022 (Wed) 00:40:22 No. 6884
School is almost over and I was wondering. This community is small and strife isn't present among ideologies nor of life preferences so I came here to await the long answer... This year I have slacked off in my academics and though I did not drop to a C in any of my classes I felt as if I put in little to no effort at all... My finals is the confirmation of which (at least the finals not state regulated). But, to chalk it up I'm lazy and suffer from a severe internet addiction (and it's respective friends)... I so desperately want to get rid of it but, I manage to fail more than I think of my actions. What do I do?
>>6884 And if you are curious... I'm not talking about a reformation of my current grades but, as a change of mind going into next year
>>6885 im in a similar situation, barely got through high school because of my internet addiction. getting rid of internet addiction is pretty hard since the internet is ingrained in our society by now, so you're always going to be tempted by the constant access to it. my theoretical advice is that you should find some kind of motivation to make you stop procrastinating on your school work. the reason why i did poorly in school is because i felt like non of it mattered anyways, which made me feel fine with wasting my time. having burnt-out dopamine receptors from the internet is also bad for motivation. kicking bad habits also requires you to JUST DO IT! there's no sugar coating it, you either accept the change or you remain weak and a slave to your addiction. summer break is here, so use that time to go outdoors more and spend less time on your computer
>>6884 I'm in a similar situation. I get by but constantly fail to to important daily tasks I need to and fall behind easily in school and work. Sometimes just going outside for a walk helps, but other times it doesn't. I'm pretty sure I have depression but the last time I saw someone about it in high school I just ended up on happy pills. I'd rather not do that again.
>>6884 Try to orient yourself around some kind of purpose. Without a purpose that moves you, you'll look at your bad habits and dismal prospects and think, "ah, yeah, I should probably do something about that" but to actually get the motivation to change, you need something to shoot for. Something bigger than yourself, or an intense infatuation with a woman out of your league because you're so indolent, etc. On top of having a purpose, you need to have the agency to achieve that purpose— the view of yourself as being the protagonist in your own life's story. >internet addiction I have a little trouble with this, as well. I have shit I need to be doing all the time, and no real need to go online, so I tend to stay unplugged for days at a time. When I go on, it's with a specific set of intentions. Today I wanted to get some books about architecture, and a few about computer science. I check my youtube subscriptions and download only the things that I feel will be worth writing to my hardware, then check /late/. Today I happen to have spent about a half hour here, which is about half the time I've been online in total. Now I'm going to hit the reply button, unplug, and sift through the books. Gotta get shit done or I'll never be able to build my compound innawoods, stargazing onnaroof, free of the noise and filth and general insanity of the city.
planning to live among the woods and occasionally going to cafes to install youtube videos to watch later
>internet addiction Having online friends makes internet addiction harder to break. I've had only one of these net-friendships last, and we text once a week. Beyond going as cold turkey as possible outside of essential emails, monitoring browsing habits, etc... finding and nurturing irl relationships in your life is a big key. I know I know... easier said than done. Since you're in school, there are more opportunities for that than after graduation.
>>7010 >Having online friends makes internet addiction harder to break. It's hard though when making real friends doesn't work and all you're left with are online friends. I keep in touch with online friends more than my friends I actually see in person.
>>7013 >making real friends doesn't work it's less ez, but it works. my point is, netfriends can be a big time commitment and could have a key part in your internet addiction. it's been my experience that this commitment is usually wasted, they rarely last. you can take it with a grain of salt, i'm older and was addicted to a different era of the web, i'd spend a chunk of my day on aim and forums. maybe not that different than being on i.e. discord. good luck.
Is a variation of this thread going to greet me on every board I visit? You know you have to quit IBs.
>>7070 Only place I feel home I guess.
>>6884 You won't be able to quit the internet if your only alternative is a vacuum. You need to find other hobbies and build other habits that rely on the world outside of the internet. You don't avoid the internet by trying to cut yourself off from it, you do it by tying yourself to non-internet things. Same can be said of anything else in life, really. Humans are creatures of habit and the mind abhors a vacuum.
>>7070 It's always been the case that everyone on an imageboard wants to get off, but the sense has changed over time.
>>6884 Try working for a little bit and see how you like it. As for internet addiction I don't think you should beat yourself up about that too much, maybe you could use some of the energy in doing whatever you do during your internet time and redirect it into a healthier or more fulfilling lifestyle? Dunno man, you should probably start trying different things and see what you dig further experimentation needed for instruction. report back to base after your mission is complete
>>7341 I don't even have the energy to waste anymore. I guess I don't have an internet addiction though
>>7341 >>7343 I'm trying anon. I've actually been doing good on the internet addiction but, now I'm hyper reflective about my neglected self image and persona so much so I'm more dedicated on that than school work which is something I need to stop or it will destroy me.
>>6987 You know I come back to read this comment over and over again for you may not think it's significant but, everything you broke down and how you broke down describes me perfectly to such an extent that my own reflection upon myself relates to the word of indolence and the drive at which you stated I should have (the example you give) is my exact drive. I may not be able to achieve that goal in my lifetime due to missed opportunities and wasted time but, I can guarantee an endgame where I have the work ethic to achieve my desires of old. I fucked up my Freshman year and though yes I'm completely aware of how much time I really have I feel that it could've been so much better. I'm going to try to achieve something both physically and academically that transcends the current level I'm in. This year tossed me up a fair margin as well but, it hasn't buried me so I can certainly salvage something from this you have my word. And as for my future self reading this comment (as I know you would)... You wrote this for a clear and distinct reason, if you fail in any regard you should come to the realization that it is no longer anybody's fault but, your own... You have already come to the thought that your life leading up to this point was meant with indifference and inaction purely by the fault of how you were raised and treated. but, with this knowledge and utter hatred for what you are now, you are the only person to blame for your future state if you fail to meet your own expectations. I'll see you around 6 months my future self.
>>6884 I hate to break this to you, Anon, but I think you learned more from the internet than any organized education. Not as specialized, but still...more.


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