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Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 03:17:41 No. 694
Do any of ya'll smoke at night? I definitely like chain smoking in the darker hours. What's your favorite brands if so?
American Spirits

Chain smoke day and night, but a good walk with the chain smoking can be particularly refreshing.
aint had a cigarette in a while. i'm partial to the ol pouches, so throwing one in at 2am is always good. and a good cigar after dark is just a great experience. really facilitates sitting back and thinking about things you need to think about.
forgot brands. love a good American Spirit even though they take forever to burn. always heard good things about pall mall nonfilters but never tried em. as for cigars i like a good dark Camacho or Man'O'War.
i switched from smoking to vaping a while back, but i tend to pick up a pack when i'm stressed; if i'm having a tough day at work, if i'm thinking about where i'm heading in life.
I love cha, I like long cut. Nothing's quite like putting a fat lip of dip in real late at night.
never tried long cut actually, i've only ever been a 'pouch pussy' as it's called. just don't particularly like the idea of having to spit constantly. i'm sure i'll try it at some point though.
Definitely try it, the action of packing in a fat lip of dip is so much more satisfying than a pouch. Especially with a cigarette
i know a guy who dips while smoking a cigar, the madlad.
American Spirits only. Haven't tried other brands outside Marlboro and Camel, but those taste shitty and cheap to me. Even then, I wasn't too hot on cigarettes until I tried those black box AS. Taste great and burn slow, so I can stretch out one cig for, like, ten minutes and just stare up at the sky.


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