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Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 03:17:41 No. 694
Do any of ya'll smoke at night? I definitely like chain smoking in the darker hours. What's your favorite brands if so?
American Spirits

Chain smoke day and night, but a good walk with the chain smoking can be particularly refreshing.
aint had a cigarette in a while. i'm partial to the ol pouches, so throwing one in at 2am is always good. and a good cigar after dark is just a great experience. really facilitates sitting back and thinking about things you need to think about.
forgot brands. love a good American Spirit even though they take forever to burn. always heard good things about pall mall nonfilters but never tried em. as for cigars i like a good dark Camacho or Man'O'War.
i switched from smoking to vaping a while back, but i tend to pick up a pack when i'm stressed; if i'm having a tough day at work, if i'm thinking about where i'm heading in life.
I love cha, I like long cut. Nothing's quite like putting a fat lip of dip in real late at night.
never tried long cut actually, i've only ever been a 'pouch pussy' as it's called. just don't particularly like the idea of having to spit constantly. i'm sure i'll try it at some point though.
Definitely try it, the action of packing in a fat lip of dip is so much more satisfying than a pouch. Especially with a cigarette
i know a guy who dips while smoking a cigar, the madlad.
American Spirits only. Haven't tried other brands outside Marlboro and Camel, but those taste shitty and cheap to me. Even then, I wasn't too hot on cigarettes until I tried those black box AS. Taste great and burn slow, so I can stretch out one cig for, like, ten minutes and just stare up at the sky.
used to smoke ciggies when i'm 13 to 16-ish. stopped as i realized the money is better used on non-parishable stuffs. Marlboro was definely the most common smoked ciggrette brand.
>>694 used to smoke cigs, but i quit 2 years ago and i feel great. however, i do smoke the occasional davidoff cigarillo
>>779 the black box is great, i havent had one in forever. usually reach for the blue pack on the rare occasion i pick up some ciggies but next time i might just have to go for those periques.
Marlboro studs for special occasions. Pouches for everything else. I keep telling myself I'll quit when I find a gf. I plan on becoming a cigar enthusiast once I've got money. Maybe Monte Cristo on the weekends & kuba kubas for a nightly cigar @ my innawoods cabin
(97.13 KB 1920x1080 N1nOsu6.jpg)
>>694 I quit smoking two months ago. A few packs of Camels over a week was my go-to. I've never tried anything else that was so satisfying. It started to scare me more and more. Now I just buy a cigar every now and then. I've thought about pipe smoking too, but I don't want to kid myself too much about it being healthier. Tobacco is amazing. I fucking hate how all the beautiful things in life give you cancer.
>>5392 Pipe smoking isn't healthier if you do it multiple times a day, but if you don't inhale and are able to be responsible with it, you shouldn't have too many problems, at least not compared to cigarettes. I smoke a pipe about once a week to once every two weeks. It's nice, but it definitely takes practice before it really becomes something enjoyable. I'm still not very good at it honestly. I like to smoke it at night, but smoking it in the morning before work as the sun slowly rises is peak /comfy/.
>>694 I tried these parliament 100s the other day. Chain smoked a few while in the city at 2am with a couple people, taking photos. They're decent. I also smoke Luckies and Camel unfiltereds--I think thus far I've liked the Camels the best, and I also rolled my own cigarettes with a turkish blend that was great. Now that it's autumn I'd like to get some aromatic pipe tobacco and roll some cigs with that just to try it out. Something spicy, something with a hint of vanilla if I can find it. I really do like having a smoke late at night. When I get off work at 1am a smoke in the car with some music playing and the window down is perfect. >>779 I heard the Perique is great. My local shop has a pouch of it from American Spirit and I might roll my own with it. >>5392 The way I see it, everything is giving us cancer these days, some more than others, but fuck it, I'm not going to let it stop me... I smoke maybe a pack in a month. I'm not too worried at the level I'm at and what I usually do is chain smoke a few on a night out then not smoke at all for many days after that. I don't generally inhale, though. Maybe a little bit but I smoke my rollies like mini cigars and I enjoy them that way.
(1.48 MB 480x332 orson-smoking.gif)
>>694 I've always been a sucker for a late-night cigar and a scotch, or perhaps some brandy. Especially when the weather turns colder, a cigar with good pepper/chili notes is a real joy.
I enjoy a good old fashioned pipe. Failing that, a high-quality cigarillo. Been quite partial to Macanudos lately.
>>5674 What's your favorite pipe tobacco? Personally I'm partial to a good old fashioned English blend like Early Morning Pipe or Presbyterian Mixture.
Smoke self rolled camel tobbaco, alot, smoking after a cup of coffee feels really good particularly.
>>694 My favorite brands of cigarettes include Marlboro, This, Pall Mall and Camels.
Camels and Black Coffee before work while it is snowing is a good way to start the day.


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