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/x/ - 2sp00ky Anonymous 2022-06-10 (Fri) 04:45:32 No. 7058
When is a more appropriate time for horror material than the witching hour? Anything creepy from movies to sea monsters.
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>>8612 i'm a fed. we're all feds. none of this is real.
(1.76 KB 70x125 SPOOK.jpg)
>>8635 Spoken like a true Satanist scumbag. You realize having bots makes you less lame right? We realize you don't have time to shill AND rape children. That or you really should wait to post here until you're older.
>>8740 are you schizophrenic
>>8744 No, but is that supposed to be a counter-point?
>>8747 yea
>>8747 Some people just despise passionate, often because theyve lost it themselves.