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(345.61 KB 655x272 Car Vs Bike.png)
Bike Owner Avg Income Vs Car Owner Avg Income Anonymous 2022-06-30 (Thu) 02:55:47 No. 7344
Can some of you find statistics relating to the above topic? Is it safe to assume your life is over if you do not own a car?
>>7344 It's all relative. If you live in a bikeable/walkable area, then it really doesn't matter. I think the relation is very relative. I believe a lot of lower class people drive, and bike, whereas it's the same for upper middle class people, just from my own personal experience. Biking is always fun though, stay safe.
>>7344 That's way too relative. It really depends on the city or country you live in, public transit or bike access in the area, and the distance to work, stores, or other services. I'm going to assume you're living in the United States. A city like New York is easy to not drive due to high density and availability of public transit, and you're even connected to airports or bus stops for longer trips. Los Angeles is technically doable for some, but biking or public transit is not feasible in all parts of the metropolitan area (especially if you're in the suburbs or the outskirts of the city) and some jobs may not be close to an ideal neighborhood you want to live in. If you're in some farm town in Kansas, forget about anything but driving. Even if you somehow have decent internet access and remote work, good luck leaving your small town.
Personally, I have a poor man's car because I live in the country and I need a car to work. I also have a mountain bike because you know, riding a bike is fun. Your question is way too generic, I don't think we can have a specific answer to this question. I know poor people who own a car (even more so when you can buy it on credit) and rich people who own a bike. As others have said, it depends on whether you live in the city or not. When I lived in the city, I didn't use a car because public transportation was enough for me.
But can anybody find statistics for the related topic?