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Anonymous 2020-04-07 (Tue) 20:45:50 No. 743
I stayed up all night watching vagrant holiday, comfy youtubers thread?
>dude solid snaking onto trains
Well shit, I don't think I can top that.
Steve1989MRE is of course a comfy as hell channel

early seasons of GoodMythicalMorning was pretty comfy I guess. I could rewatch those seasons again.
Comfy, soporific ビデオゲーム streams. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4SziBOF7Er9yc5l0bkOsFg
You must have, as you can't read the rules
very comfy. i was sucked in for a good 20 minutes
I really like the Channel dankpods because it’s comfy just watching an Aussie man rip open Ipods for some reason.
Thank you.
You're welcome. Enjoy the comfy.

Another one: Kanan-chan does ASMR. She also has a huge rack. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX8fFzD1Kdi8uCSmbOce08w
Thanks for these, too!
>>743 He's an inspiration to me, truly. Recently I've sold almost all my belongings, aside from my laptop, phone, and some other essentials. I'm considering trying the vagrant life myself for a short while. I got to thinking: I know this isn't the thread for it, but would anyone be interested in a similarly anonymized "blog", "vlog"?
theres something about the mix of intense shooting, combat and calm music thats just really nice. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiAK_U-vD5zcL8Bh9sberCw this one is also great if you like urbex. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjU-Cwjfqbo2hMRItlXwnnQ >>1493 absolutely friend! it not an easy life, but a highly rewarding one. /late/ tier as fuck
Accursed farms is pretty comfy if you're into old, obscure pc games. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-tF0NKdh24
>>1493 Do it.
>>3472 I love what Ross does with his Game Dungeon series. He covers really interesting games that I probably never would have heard of otherwise.
http://iteroni.com/channel/UCpDmn2FfVYdPIDwRTcf5-OA A girl talking about how shit mml's and corporations are. It is good but just like any normiespace youtuber she apologizes on smallest badmount.
>>3472 Accursed Farms is the best. Wish he'd make a new Civil Protection.
https://www.youtube.com/c/NewEconomicThinking economics :3 I have no clue about that so I don't know if its good content actually
http://iteroni.com/channel/UCh_ugKacslKhsGGdXP0cRRA Chinese women doing DIY tech stuff with minimal clothing also literally highest tit to weight ratio i have ever seen
I'd like to get into Vagrant Holiday since I enjoyed the Surveillance Camera Man videos, but his stuff has got that annoying age block on there and the old bypass tricks don't seem to work anymore. I saw someone uploaded his videos to the Internet Archive, but those got taken down. Gay.
>>4229 I think they might be on Bitchute. I have an archive of all of the VH videos if they get removed.
>>4236 >Bitchute Nice, you're right. Thanks. I didn't figure they'd be there.
I've just finished watching VH's japan trip and goddamn, I can't imagine the balls on this guy to do whatever he does. Indeed comfy and just a weird guy that gives no fucks
>>4683 He comes across as a dick to me, but he definitely is ballsy.
>>4735 Agreeable people can't do stuff like that.
>>4735 Chad always wins.
Vagrant Holiday is great. Anything similar to him? I can only think of and recommend "Train on the Brain". https://vimeo.com/91647967
>>4862 this is great
>Cold Ones use Newpipe if you're gonna be a fonephag
Academy of Ideas & The New Pill are nice sometimes, too.
Can't believe I forgot Midnight Broadcast, Chass, Emperor Techno, and like /x/storians. WWIIFREAK001. Local 58. Waking Up/UC7yySn_wFS5wEOxLY8odmSQ. Countless others who have been banned from jootoob for actually speaking the truth
I like watching LGR, although it's sad that he's an Antifa dickhead. I'm just glad he almost never references politics.
Ambiguous Amphibian dispenses philosophy and literary references over slickly edited footage of wonkish simulation games. I've gotten sucked into this playlist of Project Zomboid where he tries not to starve, or freeze, or get eaten, or lose sight of Logos, Thumos, and Ethos. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXFIaWk23rSwACpUHg4Z8ecIJLBhfGqoU
(8.64 KB 234x249 1342210579122.jpg)
>>5053 >Ambiguous Amphibian dispenses philosophy and literary references over slickly edited footage of wonkish simulation games. When I first read this sentence, it took me a minute to realize that I wasn't reading the imageboard equivalent of a spam email subject line. >>5064 If you seriously believe that Antifa just means "anti-fascist," then I don't think I can help you.
>>5022 I checked shiey out and he is pretty cool, but between him and Vagrant Holiday is really a kind of virgin vs chad situation. Shiey got his tacticool gear, astronaut food and whatnot, like 12 powerbanks, and a fucking selfie stick, while VH has a shitty army sleeping bag, and only eats a baguette once in a while. In the train hopping episode Shiey complains all the time, which makes you wonder why he even does it in the first place, while VH seems to be in enjoyment regardless of what he does, even though he tends to be in more danger and discomfort. The last thing that i want is trainhopping after that shiey video, while pretty much every VH provides me with bad ideas. But still, shiey is pretty cool...
Seeing as everyone's posting travel Youtubers, I liked GeoWizard's straight line travel series. He also does some geo guessing videos if that interests you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7w986ni7_g There's also Brave Dave's train hop across Canada. Probably my favorite train hop series, but I've never seen his other content. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUg0jFO7NTo
I wonder if there's some way to find videos that aren't advertising something. People who are just doing it for fun and not using youtube to produce infotainment to push their manure business, or a patreon. I get that people need the hustle and the information is often genuinely useful, but I miss the no-stakes internet.
Resonant Arc. Best bigbrain vidyanalasis I've ever heard. https://youtu.be/v1subwxXxEc
>>7325 I wouldn't mind if videos had ads or sponsorships that weren't embedded into the video. At least Youtube's ads are still skippable via uBlock Origin. Nothing is worse than hearing the video creator speaking and suddenly cut to RAID SHADOW LEGENDS. Even big youtubers had early videos without selling out, but there's no way to filter exactly which videos those where, or which date they started selling out. Your best bet are smaller channels or older videos that do it for fun and not for youtube clout.
I've been really enjoying Warlockracy's videos lately. He's a a Russian guy that does videos mainly on old crpgs and mods for them. Similar appeal for me as Ross's Game Dungeon. His most recent video is on Marauder a slavjank crpg post-apocalyptic Russian game. He makes videos about good games too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qc0r7iND7BU
I like watching this group https://www.youtube.com/@chernobylmilsim6466 Featured somewhat famously in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PY01yQdxi4
Let's Learn Japanese was an educational TV series produced in the '80s. I watched it ~20 years ago because I wanted to learn the language, but I come back to it for the Showa-era feels. https://youtu.be/k0kU2cc85ZA
You ever think watching travel youtubers or anything relating to a foreign country spoils/traveling spoils the fun for you, if you ever decide to visit that country yourself?
>>7427 It was rare pre-2010 that's for sure. But you could literally find it even pre-YouTube with people like Mr. Safety being sponsored by GoldenPalace.com in videos that were uploaded throughout 2004-2005. He was also among one of the first YouTube partners. I think Athene was another one around late 2006 early 2007. A lot of it initially started with YouTubers selling merch. I ran a YouTube channel myself back in the early days of 2005 until around 2012. I had multiple channels and got my original channel hit hard by the whole viacom bullshit in 2007. Lost it and my following and had to start from scratch. By 2012 when I started to gain a little bit of traction the video styles on what was popular was drastically changing. It went from doing sketch comedy, having fun, short films, and less serious videos to online personalities, vlogging, and the start of gaming content that PewDiePie, Tobuscus, and many others were starting up. Essentially the transition to Twitch streaming. The main gaming content besides that back in the day was pretty much AVGN, Irategamer, and a few other smaller names doing reviews and/or trying to be their own low budget versions of X-Play. I can share any other information that I may have or personal experiences back then if anyone here is interested.
>>8919 I'm somewhat interested in this. Being on the forefront of something new (YouTube online) must've felt interesting. Was it weird to tell family and others that this was just a new hobby of yours? I forgot that there once was a time where YouTube was a foreign concept.
>>8919 Just so nobody is confused, the 2004-2005 statement in my post. Regarding Mr. Safety, is the fact that he started uploading videos earlier than 2005 on other platforms besides YouTube. Some of his earlier videos could be found and still I believe are on Newgrounds. Just wanted to clear that up before anyone may had misunderstood.
>>8920 Funny enough, I discovered YouTube completely at random. It was an accident around June of 2005 while browsing some forums watching anime openings that were uploaded very early on in horrible quality as well as Jrock music videos. As far as my family is concered none of them even realized what I was doing. They weren't people who got online back then. Word spread like wildfire at school as I was doing it though as I was a high school student during this time. I even made the local news and thought that was pretty cool at the time. Funny enough on another note. It actually helped me lose my virginity with a girl who was a "fan".
>>8922 That's pretty neat. I miss the innocent era of pulling out a shitty camera and creating some mediocre sketch stuff, then uploading it for whoever.
>>8923 >shitty camera That's an understatement for my first digital camera. I just had a cheap Vivitar 1.0 MP camera that shot video in I believe 15FPS at 240p pure ass quality. Looked terrible. Then over the Summer of 2005 I got a better digital camera which would still be complete trash even among other YouTubers but I was happy enough at the time as it was far better than what I had before. I kept upgrading cameras with better quality until I finally had saved up for a really good camcorder in 2008. Also by that point I had become pretty good with video editing and editing software all around. I was even a YouTube partner shortly after.
>>8926 >YouTube partner miss this. it used to be so easy and rewarding to be a partner. i remember the cool banner you could get above your video if you were in it, instead of having just a normal username.
Not to mention all of my other side projects. I made AMVs, YouTube Poops, and other content during that time period as well. I really hated whenever my videos would get "muted" back then. During the whole viacom bullshit. Instead of just copyright striking and removing your content. Sometimes you're videos would just get the audio removed. But for some reason it also seemed like it was just as easy if not easier during 2007 to get terminated than even today. Unless you're pushing political content, etc.
>>8927 Yeah, until I think around 2013. I could be wrong but it was around that time that just anyone could monetize their videos. Which don't get me wrong, I understand the appeal in that but it just seemed like at that point it was more about making money then making content if you know what I mean. By this point I quit filming videos. I was also becoming more and more disgusted by the state of social media and smartphones. I kept doing my "lulzy" shit like YouTube Poops and just other "meme" type of videos that was somewhat going on at the time as well. I also was becoming more privacy aware during this time. Which is another reason why I didn't really want to attach my identity to as many things. I hated what the internet was becoming.
>>8929 This is entirely too relatable
I've been on the fence about coming back to do content creation and uploading on websites such as Odysee, DTube, and PeerTube. Been on that fence for around 5 years now and even more since Odysee is kind of making a name for itself. Just not sure what style of videos I'd come back to. It's just not the same going out and trying to do a short film these days. Plus I wouldn't have any help or support like I did in the past. I haven't had any friends in years and a lot of the guys that helped me in the 2000s are dead or have moved away.