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Late night bike strolls Anonymous 2022-07-14 (Thu) 21:11:55 No. 7458
Good evening everyone. Do you like cycling at night ? I’m out for a refreshing a stroll in Paris right now. Some roads are clogged because of national day fireworks. I can hear them, maybe I should get closer. I rode by a really cute girl. She was wearing some kind of belt harness and a few meters later I realized she might be a hooker. Then there was a very pale skinned old man with white hair chilling on a bench. His eyes were shining really bright in the night. He looked like a From Software game character
Watching the fireworks from a small street. People are opening champagne bottles, I would like to drink some too :x
Even though I’m alone in the crowd, it’s good to see people have fun. A taxi almost killed me, maybe it’s time to head back home
Hope you had a good ride anon. I was in the Alps mountains chilling during the day then came back down to the city to watch the firework. I like riding in the warm summer nights.
>>7458 I did a night ride by accident last winter when I underestimated how long a day ride would take. Ended up getting home at close to 10p when I originally planned on 6-7p. (It was a straight path, so the only shortcut would've been to turn back sooner.) The night ride was both exhilarating and terrifying. The bike path I took was elevated above the suburbs for some portions so I could see into people's backyards. At night, I'm almost completely hidden on the path in darkness if I turn my lights off. It was definitely a unique experience. >stopped at a dam for a short break >met some stoner trying to hit me up for weed (I don't do drugs) >he tried hitting up some homeless right before >said they were chill but they weren't sharing weed >ended up having a 30 minute conversation about politics, his existential crisis due to various health issues, and just life >couldn't believe I was still about 2 hours away from home by bike at night, he only lived 10 minutes from there >riding home I found a shit ton of small farms, horses, and other livestock in small suburban backyards (at least they were quiet at night) >found one house with a bunch of people watching some sport game with their horse in the backyard >saw a couple homeless camps away from roads and houses, occasionally saw small fires at night >had to cross a few tunnels or under streets that were shaded in the day but pitch black at night >a couple of them sounded like they had multiple homeless camping under them >forced to just bike through quickly and hope nothing happens >almost ran into a couple late night joggers who didn't have reflectors or lights >saw one woman riding the other direction on a BMX bike carrying a full-size pickax >I stopped and looked back in disbelief >would've taken a picture if it wasn't too dark >finished by pulling off path into foggy park before taking my street home I did that same ride in May when there was more light out, and left earlier in the morning. I got home before dark which was nice, but I realized most of the memorable stuff from the first ride was seeing all the crazy shit at night. That, and by chance running into the stoner and crazy miner chick. I'm debating doing it again at night, but some of those bridges were actually a bit sketchy to ride under, especially if I heard people. I might just stick to my own neighborhood if I do more night rides.
>>7466 Thank you for this story
>>7466 The woman with the pickaxe is to be feared.
>Do you like cycling at night ? When I had one, I loved it. 4am, down the middle of the two-lane highway with nobody else, pulling behind a small building to piss and getting harassed by a cop for doing so. Ah, the good old times.
Late night bire ride is more comfy in city than country tbh. In the country there are no lights, and besides some full moon in summer it's not easy. I remember younger cycling at night in a little sleeping town during summertimes. Drunk and high, to go to friends or just for the purpose of riding ma cycle. It was nice. I still ride a bike but during daylight as I do mountain bike. >>7459 Paris ne me manque pas pêh. Tu y vis anon ?
>>8116 >Late night bike ride is more comfy in city than country tbh. True, but only if it's a relatively safe city. I'd rather take my chance with bears in the wild than homeless crack addicts on poorly lit streets. My neighborhood also has issues with drag racing, but thankfully I can usually avoid those streets. I definitely prefer having lit streets. Even occasional lighting on roads is better than being in pitch black darkness where you can't see anything around you. Darkness in the wilderness is comfiest on a moonlit night.