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howdy fellas. what are we watching tonight? Anonymous 07/29/2022 (Fri) 22:45:26 No. 7602
i figured i'd pop on some old anime i was once told to watch. 3 episodes long. i'm on the last one now. gotta say it's pretty dope. what are you guys chillin' to? doing anything besides just watching?
Looks pretty good. Will watch later. I have seen tere is a British version with a specific original soundtrack. Which version did you seen ?
>>7605 oh it was very good! highly recommend it as it will max cost you 2 hours of your life. i went in with the original french version with english subtitles. however some beginning scenes seemed to lack subtitles and thus left to the imagination! Only maybe 10-20 seconds of dialog missed per episode on those. no biggie
>>7606 I'm french but I think I would prefer watching it in Japanese (with subtitles). Did it have the Japanese soundtrack or the exclusive English one ? As I read they are different.
>>7609 i'll reply more tonight as i'm just waking up and finishing workout. we can chat about it or other stuff more then! but it had the original japanese version of the song with english and french subtitles for the song. had options of french subs and english as well for the rest of the show. I believe mine was a copy from T0M. so you can search for it that way i hope. lmk if you end up with a good copy and i'll totally hang and discuss tonight
(541.06 KB 1124x742 ds654fd687315thr6874gfds.png)
well its officially late! at least it's dark outside and i've turned on my cozy lights. what's everyone up to tonight? i just ordered some books i'm stoked to read. some old literature on celtic mythology and stuffs :D you guys read anything good lately? what was for dinner? bonus question: what about night time evokes nostalgia for you? or is it the day time instead?


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