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alright fellas, i just got stoned. what do i do with the rest of my evening? Anonymous 08/01/2022 (Mon) 02:44:59 No. 7613
inb4 any and all shame for smoking. you're all too cool for that anyways so thx i like me some THC every now n then. really seems to suit early mornings or late late nights. i try not to use outside of those periods of the day. but here we are...
(7.01 MB 480x320 chilling.webm)
>>7613 Eat a whole tub of greek yoghurt. Sniff freshly ground coffee beans.
>>7613 Remember when potsmoking, I liked some good hashich with the coffe early in the morning. But you're stone for the rest of the day. How was your day potfren ?
>>7619 dude honestly it was a great night. i watched "The Phantom" which was recommended by someone in anon cafe's film boards. it was pretty sweet. i was technically at work the whole time but in the eve it gets really slow and i can hang in places like this and maybe watch a movie or play vidya. ended up ordering some books as well while i was stoned getting all philosophical. i hope you swing by tonight i'm house/dog sitting this week at my brother's and i'll still be round to chat. he gave me weed as payment so i'm stocked! >>7614 bro you replied just as i was going to bed. that was about 0345 for me. passed out watching some challenge playthroughs of FNV. i am definitely not going to sniff coffee grounds, but i actually want to try some kafir which apparently is "similar" to greek yogurt. have you had before? i think i'll buy a glass today stocking up on groceries
>>7620 You seems to have a good night. I smoked some weed these days and I was thinking about plenty of beautiful sentences and punchlines. I would have like to wrote them but was not able to do it, then I fell asleep. >a dog and some weed Nice. I'm here almost everynight during my worktime so yeah, let's chat !
>>7623 i wish you'd have written those sentences down and shared them with us. i'll be smoking tonight and i'm just gonna hang here. so share some of your stuff, i beg of you. also you sound pretty foreign. where do you come from my nightcrawling friend?
>>7623 i'll still be awake for another hour or so. tell me about your home country. i'm sure it's prettier than where i live in the US
>>7626 Sorry latefren, was quite busy. I finish work in one hour. Maybe tonight I will be up late at home (no work). >you sound pretty foreign Yes, my english is not as fluent as I would like sometimes. I'm one of those few frenchanon browsing the imageboards. >i wish you'd have written those sentences As I like to use some sophisticated language with complicated figures of style I'm not even sure translating them to english is a good idea as it may broke the musicality, imagery and deep meaning of the words. I will try, I wrote regularly some sentences as maxisms and aphorisms.
>>7643 what do you do? i sell loans french huh! very cool i want to go there someday soon. french foods hit the right spot. not the sophisticated fancy food, however. i like your soups and bread culture. also you shouldn't worry about how fluent you are in the language. english has become so bastardized i can hardly recognize it as my own first language. speak to any of us the you are currently and we'll understand you perfectly fine.
>>7614 i ended up getting the kefir! it's pretty dope actually. definitely not what i was expecting when i took my first few sips but my guess wasn't far off either. i like that the bottle i got says "in many parts of the world, kefir is considered the champagne of dairy products" highly recommend
wanderlust here anyone have some opera recommendations? keeping myself busy tonight listening to some modern symphony performances. i can get down with operas as well so send them my way if you have them. i also quite like forein ones so long as there are subtitles here's one of my favorite https://youtu.be/Q4Q0Xt2VLE0


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