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Come unto thee all who perturb the night Anonymous 08/04/2022 (Thu) 09:03:23 No. 7664
make the darkness an ally and a friend. welcome to late.night any discussion here is fully based and welcome to interpretation. make of it what you will.
(344.31 KB 1600x1200 Photo-0036.jpg)
La nuit accentue l'homme.
>>7667 yes it does, sir. there is something of somethinng around us. within us. between us. a something of something. heard sometimes in the sound of one instrument at play. there's a brilliance and a death in each note that vibrates off the string into the wind. into the breath of the wind like a sigh. it precipitates on our perceptions, unnamed. unsolved resolution. resolution building like white cumulus clouds above city skylines. stone and steel. above platforms and pedestrians. stonewalks and fountains. above pidgeons and passerby to be. building more mysteriously than the unseen pressure of air that builds over idle sunporch afternoons. can you /sirs/ appreciate poetry ultimate or? this is not mine but i wish it was. i feel their words
>>7679 please tell me someone can identify this.... i feel that it's an important poem. maybe someone will tell me otherwise. i just can't help but discover these as i continue my late night walks through the city. anyone else get comfortably /cozy/ in your local nightlife?


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