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(69.05 KB 639x476 starb.png)
Vidya game thread! Anonymous 04/13/2020 (Mon) 07:54:17 No. 769
Its the lockdown and I'm slowly getting used to the NEET life. So I acquired a copy of Action 52 and started reliving the good ol' days...

Whatcha playing right now?
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, A zombie apocalypse simulator/roguelike. It does a good job of being hard as balls without being unfair. You'll create your character badly, run into a pack of zombies, and realize that this isn't Final Fight where you can just throw yourself into wave after wave of enemies. Then you'll either quit because you're not getting muh instant gratification, or you'll continue dying repeatedly, slowly grasping details like that the zombies have senses of sight, hearing, and smell, that you move slowly when winded, etc.

Eventually you'll get past the first few days, and then the game changes. Suddenly it's less about not getting killed while desperately scrounging for food and water, and more about thriving with things like a mobile base/deathmobile. The monsters evolve. You find places more exotic than a pawn shop, meet the NPCs, dig into the lore behind all this weird shit you keep encountering. The "challenge mode" game-starts become viable.

It's fantastic.
(74.44 KB 640x480 1628361926.jpg)
Turbo Outrun for the sega genesis. To this day I still haven't been able to finish the game completely.

Still, it's quite fun. Perhaps I am a man of simple tastes...
Oh man, CataclysmDDA! They recently had a stable 0.E release and I'm already started playing. For shits and giggles I decided to go on a Churl run, yelling in ye olde english while somehow surviving against the undead.
I appreciate it more as a musical genre than the games themselves. It seems to have a weird sort of cult influence that way.
There's definitely something satisfying about yelling specific things at the zombies. I tell them EAT MY ASS and they all come a-shambling.
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (the first game). It was always a good meme of a game and it still is. I always find myself on servers with constant players and almost never get bored doing whatever in this game. Plus, all the middle schoolers in chat telling commands and trying to be as nice as they can, it reminds me of my late high schools years. All the customizations are actually worth the grind as the game lets you run wild on how you want your character to look, and the emotes in the game make all characters your very own. I’ve been playing this game so much during quarantine and have been loving it.
Being playing Outlast a d doing a second run of man of medan. Both a decent late night games. Still got to go ish the witcher 3's last DLC.
Atelier games are nice and comfy for long nights. I wanna get through the Arland saga once I finish the Dusk games.
I've only played Totori, I have the Dusk collection on Switch just havent gotten around to playing it cause I've been chipping away at Digimon Hackers Memory.
Playing Control now, if you guys like supernatural games it might be up your alley.
(53.40 KB 1280x720 wa4bw4.jpg)
currently revisiting this old flash game i played more than 10 years ago
Been playing a lot of Terraria lately, probably going to switch to something different soon.
The PS2 compilation remake of Marie and Elie got fan-translated the other year or so. Just saying as it might be of interest.
(565.27 KB 2953x1290 18058212_p0.jpg)
(130.37 KB 620x480 14657858_p0.jpg)
(131.11 KB 500x545 13668136_p0.jpg)
(79.27 KB 256x256 44405219_p0.png)
I've been playing Trails from Zero.The cast is great, my favorite from any trails game so far. I think the game benefits from keeping the same four primary members in your party for most of the time. It really feels like you get to know them. One of my gripes with Cold Steel was with how large the cast was none of them really felt all that unique. After their story section you would just drop the characters you didn't like and never really learn much more about them. But yeah, the Cross Bell arc has been really solid so far.

Also, Tio a cute.
The sega genesis had some amazing music for its time. Midnight Resistance is pretty intense - for a Contra clone.
Don't forget about pic related. Vidya belong on /v/, outdoors belongs on /out/, etc. Those boards exi
Been playing all the Halo games again,really surprised at how much of those games I actually forgot. Pretty much just waiting for Destroy All Humans to drop.
>I think the game benefits from keeping the same four primary members in your party for most of the time.
You might like Wild Arms 3 in that case, if you haven't played it yet. Your active party is also the entire party there.
Finished the last of us, finally. Pretty creepy in the night time, frankly....
I am playing Saga Frontier for the PSX. It's a lovely game, but I wish it wasn't released unfinished and cut for space.
I'm replaying the Dragon Age series.
just started playing Guild Wars 2, after deliberating it for years.
Currently playing Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight on Steam and Dragon Quest XI on my Switch. The weather has is getting colder and the nights are getting longer and these games are definitely providing the comfiness I need.
Anyone got any good flash games I could play? Been skimming over Andkon Arcade because I remember playing games hosted on that site as a teenager.
>>1753 Generally anything from Nitrome is playable. The Epic Battle Fantasy series is good all around and even though there are paid versions now, you can still play the free flash versions with only a few optional dungeons missing. Elements was recommended to me recently and it's a blast. I used to be really into Runes of Shalak when I was a teenager but I never beat it. Amorphous plus is tough as balls but really satisfying when you git gud at it. I have childhood nostalgia for everything on Kiddonet before it was rebranded as a girls' website and then the site was taken down because the dressup game was hosting malware or there was a scam or some shit. There are working safe backups of the site on the internet if you look hard enough. Flood Runner 3 is really satisfying especially when you score high enough that the game actively tries killing your run. I remember sinking hours into the Bubble Tanks series, but the second game seems incredibly stressful now that I have a computer that can actually handle playing it. Run 2 is a pretty good coffee break game. The Fancy Pants Adventures series has an incredible feeling of flow once you get used to the physics. Edmund McMillen used to make alright games before he started riding the roguelite train into the ground. Feudalism 2 is really fun, though I haven't tried the third game and the comments say that it's shit. The Industro-Tank series is a pretty good time waster. I used to play a lot of Thing-Thing but I don't know if it really holds up anymore, especially to a newcomer who didn't experience it as it happened. jmtb02 has some neat short experimental games. The perfect jump system in Epic Coaster should have been in more endless runner games. That "YES!" sound effect you get when you land one is immensely satisfying. Shit, I had to stop myself from playing to continue this post. Enough Plumbers is alright. I heard that Sonny and Mardek is really good but I also heard that the devs became fags and I don't know if you want to deal with that. Platform Racing 2 is basically dead but there are tons of amazing maps on it for how limited the engine is. The Learn to Fly series is among the better part of the endless flyer genre. Dino run is good fun but I remember the sequels being unable to recapture the original magic. I liked Tactics 100 and I normally can't into tactical games. Bloons Tower Defense probably does not need an introduction. If you keep an eye on zzzchan they sometimes have flash game threads where they post the classic stuff. Special thanks to Kongregate's stupid level system for keeping an archive of all the games I used to play more than a decade ago.
I'm playing this Yume Nikki fangame currently, it's called dotflwo, it's really good, it's about exploring your dreams and nightmares.
Been playing FF Crystal Chronicles (the original Gamecube version, not the Switch remake). There's been this nasty bug in Dolphin that softlocks the game after beating a specific stage, but luckily there's a fix for it now. All you have to do is activate a widescreen code. It's not as fun as I remember it being, and I think the main reason why is because it's designed as a co-op game. In the solo mode, puzzles get more complicated, fights take longer, and it subtly rubs in your face that you're supposed to be playing this with friends. Back in my teens, I didn't even have friends. Now I do, but our schedules just don't line up. Plus Dolphin's GBA link doesn't work over netplay anyhow.
>>1821 Yeah that happened to me as well replayed a game from my childhood and it was pretty boring. It was the Madagascar game for the GameCube. It's one these very easy and simple platformers which have their pace broken by minigames. However I still enjoyed playing it, it's boring but it brings back memories.
>>1825 I rented that game once back when Blockbuster was still around. I thought that the level in the city where you can't touch the floor with the giraffe guy and you had to just barely had to stay above it with fountains and stuff was pretty cool.
>>1849 There are cool stuff about it that i still like, like that baobab level where you have to get dishes for a banquet, it's pretty open and you can use the different characters it's pretty cool.
(22.71 KB 481x193 dagger.gif)
>>769 >Whatcha playing right now? Daggerfall
>>774 i learned about that game from sseth
>>1753 don't forget about flashpoint if you think you'll never play flash games again
(24.81 KB 870x559 flash_682128_largest_crop.png)
>>1753 I highly recommend playing Sanguine 2, it's a challenging 2d platformer with stealth elements, and it's just good as hell. Also I would recommend Mario 63 and Dino Melt.
(288.31 KB 399x632 1546268130788.gif)
been playing on this private wow server (endless.gg) i'm a noob but i like grinding and sometimes a rando around my level will be my friend for a couple minutes while we grind together. its fun
(403.21 KB 1920x1080 0012.jpg)
NFS 2015 for comfy late night driving.
I've been playing a lot of heavily modded Risk of Rain 2 with my friends. We play with the Artifact of Command so we can concoct our own wacky builds. There is really no other game like it.
drift86. chill drifting game w ass graphics, really fun late tier game
An old SNES RPG called Mystic Ark. Gameplay is typical. Turn-based battles, puzzles outside of battle, etc. The music is great though, and the different worlds you go to have been very interesting so far. One of them's a dried-up ocean with two warring factions of sailor cats, and another has these fruits so gigantic that people carve entire villages out of them.
>>2063 >i like grinding and sometimes a rando around my level will be my friend for a couple minutes It used to be my life, but they would never come online again.
>>2187 >mystic ark wow, i thought i played every snes jrpg but somehow i missed this one. thanks anon, ill have to check this one out
(91.41 KB 1272x968 download.png)
Started playing a Super Mario World romhack called Peach's Adventure. It's incredibly well done and so fun to play. Tons of comfy levels and secrets and it's not super hard like a lot of romhacks.
>>2270 Too bad that the deviantart faggotry of the romhack maker bled into the game itself.
>>2206 I don't know if you've checked it out yet, but go for the Aeon Genesis translation if you haven't (or if you have and feel like either starting the game over or hacking a savestate to fix your name). It's a lot better than the Dynamic Designs version.
(340.33 KB 1920x1080 20201227193205_1.jpg)
been playing a skateboarding game called Tanuki Sunset, been following it since the first demo and have loved every bit of it. great /late/ aesthetic and music, and just an overall good time.
>>935 I started playing this about a week ago. It's okay but I prefer the Sky games so far. I think there aren't enough characters for me to get invested in. Of the main cast Randy is basically the only one I actually like, Tio is decent, but Elie and Lloyd are both just pretty boring. But having too many characters like in CS is definitely bad too. I think Sky had the best balance, there was a pretty big cast but most of them still got a lot of characterization and screen time and development.
Anyone playing Genshin impact at all? It can be an okay time waster.
Tried something called Hourai High. Not sure if I'll keep playing it though. The game reminds me why I dislike highschool settings, that they remind me of the depression I went through growing up and how I missed out on practically everything. I get that these are idealized settings and all, but still. I can also tell they were trying hard to ape Earthbound's humor (no surprise, game came out 2 years after EB) and it rubs the whole concept of "boy this school sure is weird, isn't it?" right in your face. That being said, I do like some of its concepts. Like how the skills you get depend on what clubs you're a part of. Join the football club for passive HP buffs, the computer club for enemy-analyzing skills, the sci-fi club to equip special items, stuff like that.
I'm playing Bloodborne, actually i'm playing too much of it cause it makes me sleep late or do sleepless nights
>>2398 >I get that these are idealized settings and all, but still. I envy those who can look past any bad times they might had, and enjoy highschool settings anyways, for some people the memories they have are simply too intense, too intrusive. Have you finished the game yet? I hope the humor improved towards the later part of it but I doubt that. If it's like Earthbound, the final boss will be an extra-terrestrial we can scarcely comprehend, who aims to destroy or conquer humanity.
(16.71 KB 320x200 DOOM19.png)
Return to Phobos (RETURN01.WAD) from 1994. I am stuck on level 2, can't get to exit. Been wandering around aimlessly for at least an hour.
>>2473 DOOM is GOAT
>>2517 Turns out that level can't be completed in newer versions of Doom. I was playing with Chocolate Doom, which emulates version 1.9 of the engine, but this level only works with versions < 1.4 (else the exit bridge doesn't raise). Oh well I pretty much explored the entire level, so I'll skip to the next one!
What are some good /late/ vidya I can stay up late playing? Preferably for PC or Sega Genesis; the older he better. I just want something to forget the world to.
>>2572 https://veloren.net/ Really comfy MMO cubeworld knock off being made by open source developers. The music is peak late when you glide off a mountain.
>>2572 Majora's Mask, I'd say, it's very immersive and the night time is really agreeable. Also Yume Nikki, it's a game about exploring dreams. And it has spawned hundreds of fan games that do the same thing in their own ways.
(326.78 KB 466x261 CWC.PNG)
>>769 >Whatcha playing right now? Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles. the most TRUE and HONEST game starring everyone's favorite autistic hero! https://maplechan22.wixsite.com/cwcadultchronicles
(86.97 KB 1280x720 recycling.jpg)
(87.18 KB 1280x720 recycling2.jpg)
(30.54 KB 856x480 4.jpg)
>>2615 There's a great level of irony here when the developer uses an earthbound art style while trying to mock another man child.
>>2607 >>2615 Damn, this thing never got a demo that got past the McDonalds portion. Is the creator still working on it? The blog uses some shit WYSIWYG editor that doesn't even timestamp the posts.
>>2634 IIRC there was "02/2020" in the URL of the most recent post. So probably not. >>2616 I can't help thinking that the fascination with this mutant is itself a kind of mutation.
(55.31 KB 460x215 header.jpg)
>>2636 Early Chris stuff was fascinating. It was a great look into an autistic manchild at the peak of trolling. Since then it's become really weird and creepy. Half the people stalking him are ex trolls white knighting and the other half are all looking to become internet famous by making him jerk off on his mother. He's more messed up by the internet than his previous life can compare to. It's been a weird ride to dip into every few years. >Monster sanctuary https://store.steampowered.com/app/814370/Monster_Sanctuary/ 2D platformer with monster raising JRPG combat. Platforming is basic but fun, using your monsters to solve basic puzzles or reach areas you couldn't access other wise. Combat is all about maximizing combos and synergy. Each monster gains a skill point as it levels and you can design it's skill set to make it work how you want. Your monk could be a fire, ice or water attacker or a mix of all 3, you decide. It's been in early access for a while and just released. It's worth it for JRPG fans who want a decent classic combat experience build around synergy.
(531.29 KB 1920x1080 20210214180535_1.jpg)
(356.92 KB 1920x1080 20210214180413_1.jpg)
(523.39 KB 1920x1080 20210214180322_1.jpg)
Playing New Vegas again. Already have like 500hrs logged into the game. Feeling guilty for sinking more time into it, seeing how I made it a point to stay away from games I've sunk so much time into already. Maybe it's time to stop. Maybe this is a sign that I'm not feeling well, caving into familiar hedonistic desires that essentially sell the future for a little in the now. Maybe this isn't the place for me to be typing all this. Maybe I should be sorry. Hm... I'm going to lay down and think for a few more decades. Anyway, had fun with console commands occasionally. Really gmod-esque.
(2.55 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (357).png)
I play DBD, it is not good as the dev's work when they want to but I still enjoy it. I wish I had friends.
>>2800 I miss playing online with friends too. You used to meet people in game and pick them up along the way until you had a group. No one voice chats on PC except roasties wanting attention and even less use text chat unless you go into a really old game. It sucks. DBD looked interesting, sadly I have bad memories of Evolve and don't want to get into another one of those style games. Hasn't helped it's full of hollywood character DLC which spoils things for me. Love horror but ghostface doesn't belong any where near someone like Freddy. The power level is so off it breaks the world for me.
>>2804 It actually the type of game you either hate or love and hate; Every game is always different but the devs break the game often because they rush stuff out lately. The Ghostface used in game isn't the same Ghostface in the movies; They got the license to use the mask and made an original character out of it named Danny Johnson. He is a reporter that is a methodical, killer that kills for fun. He is also one of the top tier killers surprisingly but only if you have great game sense. As for Freddy they only have the newer reboot one for now but in game lore, The Entity that trapped the characters there nerfed him so he is not as powerful as he normally is. For sure this game is way better than Evolve but better with friends.
>>2818 Half the people wearing the mask only killed for fun. Stu, Micky and the guy in the last one were all in it just to kill people as psychos. The other 4 had an objective for the murders and 1 of them never killed any one until she took off the mask. The original character sounds like a scream movie combo made into a single character, probably mix of scream 1 and 2's killers. Even if it's just new Freddy seeing Ninja turtles in MK and Freddy in this is in poor taste. Why create your own interesting monsters when hollywood DLC will pull in more cash for less effort?
>>2800 DBD is free on game pass which I got for a buck to play through a few single player games on it this month. I'll give it a try anon, any tips?
>>2824 Yeah, the Legion killer is thought to be made as their own version of the scream movie killers before he was added to the game. Surprisingly though, you hardly see the Hollywood killers in game as the original killers are much more common. >>2834 It depends on what role you want to play. Survivor, you can pretty much play who you want. The only real difference between them in very minor, most importantly sound; Bill, Ash, Jeff I would avoid completely as they are the loudest in game survivors. So unless the killers isn't using headphones, hiding is pointless. Killer, I would highly recommend Leatherface. He is very straightforward, strong and has the teachable perk (bbq) to gain up to 100% in game currency to level up characters. After unlocking that, Try to get a slowdown perk Like (Pop Goes the Weasel) from Clown or (Corrupt Intervention) From Plague. Then You can just try killers and see whos' playstyle you like most. I would recommend learning Nurse after that, she is one of the strongest killers in game; There is a bit of a learning curve but it is well worth it. She is kind of like tracer from Overwatch but without recalling to your original location.
>>2837 Grinding perks? How often do you run into some autist who's megaroided up on the perks so you stand no chance?
I don't play video games that often but I recently completed VtMB, after some guy recommended listening to its radio station.
>>2842 Nearly everyone runs meta perks at mid rank and above; What determines the outcome of games is the survivors' teamwork and the killer's time management. Either can lose a game heavily in their favor from just 1 mistake. It only takes 1 misplay to lose the game for both sides at higher ranks. Right now they have been nerfing the top tier perks to balance the game for both sides so it may not be as frustrating going against the objectively strong meta perks. They already nerfed the killers' Undying/Ruin combo but they are already planning on nerfing the survivors' main meta perks as well. Maps also play in to advantage/disadvantage.
>>2871 Sadly games not playable on my TV, it's just too dark and there's no way to adjust the brightness. I would need to play it on my second monitor to see shit and that's inconvenient.
>>2887 I played 5 more games and have the same problem I had with evolve, only made worse. As the killer it's satisfying to down someone but feels ultimately pointless because you can't babysit them to confirm the kill nor chase 4 people. The most frustrating thing while playing is it feels like a game. When survivors do obviously gamey things in how they move it breaks the immersion for me. Instead of being in a horror movie I'm in a game pretending to be a horror movie where the survivors zigzag as they run away and then do random 180s. It's unsatisfying to me and feels the same way Evolve did where the killer isn't equipped with the tools they need to manage 4 people at once, except in evolve you eventually got the skills. I had an awful time trying to pick up survivors become the prompt isn't reliable. I had to walk in a circle to find just the right spot. Survivor is just as unsatisfying but for different reasons. With four of you running around and generators every where it's hard to follow what's going on for your team. As a new player I have no idea which generators are "safe" to use at any point and on some maps I struggle to find them at all. If I knew the maps maybe it would be more interesting but I don't. The only way that playing the game appealed to me was acting as a decoy for the killer while my 3 team mates set off the generators. Other wise I'm left holding mouse 1 being pretty bored or I'm lost and pretty bored. The genre has potential but DBD is too video gamey for it. It needs to find ways to stop the obvious video gamey elements from ruining the overall themes. Similarly it needs a new format than holding M1 to turn on generators. The 2 button system is lame and shallow, it's like a mobile game. It's uninteresting and doesn't fit the movie style at all. It would better suit a mission based system where survivors have to collect items to escape or have a path to safety more similar to L4Ds maps. Open arenas with lots of generators is underwhelming. I'm glad I tried it. I was interested and now I know it's not just Evolve I don't like. The whole genre isn't for me and I doubt they can fix that. I'm fine with different strength sides but 4 man human team VS monster is too large IMO. A 3 man team VS monster would be much more manageable and let the human side have more interesting mechanics without being too overpowered.
>>2900 >As the killer it's satisfying to down someone but feels ultimately pointless because you can't babysit them to confirm the kill nor chase 4 people >feels the same way Evolve did where the killer isn't equipped with the tools they need to manage 4 people at once In most situations it is not wise to watch someone die on first hook; Putting someone on hook pressures someone else to go save them which gets people off objectives, rarely is it a good idea to wait for them to die as soon as possible on first hook. Who were you playing as? Everyone pretty much has the potential to dominate on almost every map now if you know how to play them. As for the prompt, what system were you playing it on? I will agree on survivor gameplay though, it is only really entertaining playing with friends.
>>2905 Tried trapper and then chainsaw guy. Trappers traps were an interesting idea but not really worth it. Traps should be a killer gimmick for all of them. Expands the gameplay and gives killers something more to do than walk up to people and hit them. Using the hooks as bait still left you where you didn't really want to walk away or stay. With like 10 generators there was little game plan I could see as a new player. with no hint of which way to go and so many options I had way to formulate a plan. Hooks have a similar problem where they're every where so it's not like you can form a strategy around a hook or two because you have to use the ones right next to you and have no control of where that is. I was playing on PC. One thing which bugs me now is there were ramps which go up and then you can jump down. Survivors would try to use those to escape only to run back up the ramp again in a loop. They obviously knew some meta trick where they can get away faster. As the person playing the game it immediately made me go "oh, it's a game" which is a really shitty way to feel about it. Even FPS games with really janky rag dolling doesn't do that to me but this one did. It's hard to describe just how awkwardly gamified everything is. I was expecting it to tell me I have run out of gems this week and needed to wait for them to recharge like a bad mobile game. Oh and holy fuck is it unoptimized. My loading times are terrible and my PC is far from bad. To get to the title takes me like sixty seconds while it loads assets.
>>769 i am playing the game where i start to go insane. months, weeks, and days are stitching together. i am going to move to hawaii
>>2906 It is just a game though, why play a game if you don't want to feel like playing a game?
(37.45 KB 320x224 blackthorne_6.png)
>>2572 Blackthorne is pretty fun. I was playing the Sega 32X version today, via Retroarch (Picodrive core). Along the same lines, there's also Flashback, Another World, and Prince of Persia.
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance It is one of my favorites. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9L28QdRQrI
(42.40 KB 412x329 valis.jpg)
Just wanted to mention a new board /valis/ is now open on the webring. It's a place about entertainment systems using video or rich visual mechanisms as feedback that may or may not have been put together by a few 8vg anons :^) Discussion can also range to saloon activities like cue games and card shuffling due to their social and classic nature in the ludic activities of people around the world. Having or remembering fun and sharing tips and tricks sounds like the goal, come visit sometime
https://vndb.org/v1189 Man this was so bad lol, i still dont know if i played this or i got played.
a shit ton of pirated factorio and rimworld and now im looking to pirate caves of qud (since i heard the devs are commies they won't mind right ?)


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