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Vidya game thread! Anonymous 04/13/2020 (Mon) 07:54:17 No. 769
Its the lockdown and I'm slowly getting used to the NEET life. So I acquired a copy of Action 52 and started reliving the good ol' days...

Whatcha playing right now?
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, A zombie apocalypse simulator/roguelike. It does a good job of being hard as balls without being unfair. You'll create your character badly, run into a pack of zombies, and realize that this isn't Final Fight where you can just throw yourself into wave after wave of enemies. Then you'll either quit because you're not getting muh instant gratification, or you'll continue dying repeatedly, slowly grasping details like that the zombies have senses of sight, hearing, and smell, that you move slowly when winded, etc.

Eventually you'll get past the first few days, and then the game changes. Suddenly it's less about not getting killed while desperately scrounging for food and water, and more about thriving with things like a mobile base/deathmobile. The monsters evolve. You find places more exotic than a pawn shop, meet the NPCs, dig into the lore behind all this weird shit you keep encountering. The "challenge mode" game-starts become viable.

It's fantastic.
(74.44 KB 640x480 1628361926.jpg)
Turbo Outrun for the sega genesis. To this day I still haven't been able to finish the game completely.

Still, it's quite fun. Perhaps I am a man of simple tastes...
Oh man, CataclysmDDA! They recently had a stable 0.E release and I'm already started playing. For shits and giggles I decided to go on a Churl run, yelling in ye olde english while somehow surviving against the undead.
I appreciate it more as a musical genre than the games themselves. It seems to have a weird sort of cult influence that way.
There's definitely something satisfying about yelling specific things at the zombies. I tell them EAT MY ASS and they all come a-shambling.
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (the first game). It was always a good meme of a game and it still is. I always find myself on servers with constant players and almost never get bored doing whatever in this game. Plus, all the middle schoolers in chat telling commands and trying to be as nice as they can, it reminds me of my late high schools years. All the customizations are actually worth the grind as the game lets you run wild on how you want your character to look, and the emotes in the game make all characters your very own. I’ve been playing this game so much during quarantine and have been loving it.
Being playing Outlast a d doing a second run of man of medan. Both a decent late night games. Still got to go ish the witcher 3's last DLC.
Atelier games are nice and comfy for long nights. I wanna get through the Arland saga once I finish the Dusk games.
I've only played Totori, I have the Dusk collection on Switch just havent gotten around to playing it cause I've been chipping away at Digimon Hackers Memory.
Playing Control now, if you guys like supernatural games it might be up your alley.
(53.40 KB 1280x720 wa4bw4.jpg)
currently revisiting this old flash game i played more than 10 years ago
Been playing a lot of Terraria lately, probably going to switch to something different soon.
The PS2 compilation remake of Marie and Elie got fan-translated the other year or so. Just saying as it might be of interest.
(565.27 KB 2953x1290 18058212_p0.jpg)
(130.37 KB 620x480 14657858_p0.jpg)
(131.11 KB 500x545 13668136_p0.jpg)
(79.27 KB 256x256 44405219_p0.png)
I've been playing Trails from Zero.The cast is great, my favorite from any trails game so far. I think the game benefits from keeping the same four primary members in your party for most of the time. It really feels like you get to know them. One of my gripes with Cold Steel was with how large the cast was none of them really felt all that unique. After their story section you would just drop the characters you didn't like and never really learn much more about them. But yeah, the Cross Bell arc has been really solid so far.

Also, Tio a cute.
The sega genesis had some amazing music for its time. Midnight Resistance is pretty intense - for a Contra clone.
Don't forget about pic related. Vidya belong on /v/, outdoors belongs on /out/, etc. Those boards exi
Been playing all the Halo games again,really surprised at how much of those games I actually forgot. Pretty much just waiting for Destroy All Humans to drop.
>I think the game benefits from keeping the same four primary members in your party for most of the time.
You might like Wild Arms 3 in that case, if you haven't played it yet. Your active party is also the entire party there.
Finished the last of us, finally. Pretty creepy in the night time, frankly....
I am playing Saga Frontier for the PSX. It's a lovely game, but I wish it wasn't released unfinished and cut for space.
I'm replaying the Dragon Age series.
just started playing Guild Wars 2, after deliberating it for years.
Currently playing Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight on Steam and Dragon Quest XI on my Switch. The weather has is getting colder and the nights are getting longer and these games are definitely providing the comfiness I need.
Anyone got any good flash games I could play? Been skimming over Andkon Arcade because I remember playing games hosted on that site as a teenager.
>>1753 Generally anything from Nitrome is playable. The Epic Battle Fantasy series is good all around and even though there are paid versions now, you can still play the free flash versions with only a few optional dungeons missing. Elements was recommended to me recently and it's a blast. I used to be really into Runes of Shalak when I was a teenager but I never beat it. Amorphous plus is tough as balls but really satisfying when you git gud at it. I have childhood nostalgia for everything on Kiddonet before it was rebranded as a girls' website and then the site was taken down because the dressup game was hosting malware or there was a scam or some shit. There are working safe backups of the site on the internet if you look hard enough. Flood Runner 3 is really satisfying especially when you score high enough that the game actively tries killing your run. I remember sinking hours into the Bubble Tanks series, but the second game seems incredibly stressful now that I have a computer that can actually handle playing it. Run 2 is a pretty good coffee break game. The Fancy Pants Adventures series has an incredible feeling of flow once you get used to the physics. Edmund McMillen used to make alright games before he started riding the roguelite train into the ground. Feudalism 2 is really fun, though I haven't tried the third game and the comments say that it's shit. The Industro-Tank series is a pretty good time waster. I used to play a lot of Thing-Thing but I don't know if it really holds up anymore, especially to a newcomer who didn't experience it as it happened. jmtb02 has some neat short experimental games. The perfect jump system in Epic Coaster should have been in more endless runner games. That "YES!" sound effect you get when you land one is immensely satisfying. Shit, I had to stop myself from playing to continue this post. Enough Plumbers is alright. I heard that Sonny and Mardek is really good but I also heard that the devs became fags and I don't know if you want to deal with that. Platform Racing 2 is basically dead but there are tons of amazing maps on it for how limited the engine is. The Learn to Fly series is among the better part of the endless flyer genre. Dino run is good fun but I remember the sequels being unable to recapture the original magic. I liked Tactics 100 and I normally can't into tactical games. Bloons Tower Defense probably does not need an introduction. If you keep an eye on zzzchan they sometimes have flash game threads where they post the classic stuff. Special thanks to Kongregate's stupid level system for keeping an archive of all the games I used to play more than a decade ago.
I'm playing this Yume Nikki fangame currently, it's called dotflwo, it's really good, it's about exploring your dreams and nightmares.
Been playing FF Crystal Chronicles (the original Gamecube version, not the Switch remake). There's been this nasty bug in Dolphin that softlocks the game after beating a specific stage, but luckily there's a fix for it now. All you have to do is activate a widescreen code. It's not as fun as I remember it being, and I think the main reason why is because it's designed as a co-op game. In the solo mode, puzzles get more complicated, fights take longer, and it subtly rubs in your face that you're supposed to be playing this with friends. Back in my teens, I didn't even have friends. Now I do, but our schedules just don't line up. Plus Dolphin's GBA link doesn't work over netplay anyhow.
>>1821 Yeah that happened to me as well replayed a game from my childhood and it was pretty boring. It was the Madagascar game for the GameCube. It's one these very easy and simple platformers which have their pace broken by minigames. However I still enjoyed playing it, it's boring but it brings back memories.
>>1825 I rented that game once back when Blockbuster was still around. I thought that the level in the city where you can't touch the floor with the giraffe guy and you had to just barely had to stay above it with fountains and stuff was pretty cool.
>>1849 There are cool stuff about it that i still like, like that baobab level where you have to get dishes for a banquet, it's pretty open and you can use the different characters it's pretty cool.
(22.71 KB 481x193 dagger.gif)
>>769 >Whatcha playing right now? Daggerfall
>>774 i learned about that game from sseth
>>1753 don't forget about flashpoint if you think you'll never play flash games again
(24.81 KB 870x559 flash_682128_largest_crop.png)
>>1753 I highly recommend playing Sanguine 2, it's a challenging 2d platformer with stealth elements, and it's just good as hell. Also I would recommend Mario 63 and Dino Melt.
(288.31 KB 399x632 1546268130788.gif)
been playing on this private wow server (endless.gg) i'm a noob but i like grinding and sometimes a rando around my level will be my friend for a couple minutes while we grind together. its fun
(403.21 KB 1920x1080 0012.jpg)
NFS 2015 for comfy late night driving.
I've been playing a lot of heavily modded Risk of Rain 2 with my friends. We play with the Artifact of Command so we can concoct our own wacky builds. There is really no other game like it.
drift86. chill drifting game w ass graphics, really fun late tier game
An old SNES RPG called Mystic Ark. Gameplay is typical. Turn-based battles, puzzles outside of battle, etc. The music is great though, and the different worlds you go to have been very interesting so far. One of them's a dried-up ocean with two warring factions of sailor cats, and another has these fruits so gigantic that people carve entire villages out of them.
>>2063 >i like grinding and sometimes a rando around my level will be my friend for a couple minutes It used to be my life, but they would never come online again.
>>2187 >mystic ark wow, i thought i played every snes jrpg but somehow i missed this one. thanks anon, ill have to check this one out
(91.41 KB 1272x968 download.png)
Started playing a Super Mario World romhack called Peach's Adventure. It's incredibly well done and so fun to play. Tons of comfy levels and secrets and it's not super hard like a lot of romhacks.
>>2270 Too bad that the deviantart faggotry of the romhack maker bled into the game itself.
>>2206 I don't know if you've checked it out yet, but go for the Aeon Genesis translation if you haven't (or if you have and feel like either starting the game over or hacking a savestate to fix your name). It's a lot better than the Dynamic Designs version.
(340.33 KB 1920x1080 20201227193205_1.jpg)
been playing a skateboarding game called Tanuki Sunset, been following it since the first demo and have loved every bit of it. great /late/ aesthetic and music, and just an overall good time.
>>935 I started playing this about a week ago. It's okay but I prefer the Sky games so far. I think there aren't enough characters for me to get invested in. Of the main cast Randy is basically the only one I actually like, Tio is decent, but Elie and Lloyd are both just pretty boring. But having too many characters like in CS is definitely bad too. I think Sky had the best balance, there was a pretty big cast but most of them still got a lot of characterization and screen time and development.
Anyone playing Genshin impact at all? It can be an okay time waster.


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