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Lost My Mojo Anonymous 09/08/2022 (Thu) 04:14:06 No. 7899
Currently I'm having a minor identity crisis where I feel as if my ideals and role-models are not only trivial and don't matter, but are the result of some yet unknown trivial and irrational reasoning Its like someone just ripped my blanket away from me, and I'm just now waking up from a dream Its like the past months of my life were just me going through some phase, instead of coming to know what I really want out of life. Its like I wanted to feel that way for the sake of it, pitying myself for not doing anything with my life If I continue to pursue these ambitions and goals without having my heart in it, it feels shallow and inauthentic if I try and force myself back into this state of mind, It'd feel ingenuine and inauthentic I'm afraid I'd be larping or that I've already been larping for the sake of feeling unique or special It doesn't help I've been watching movies/shows/videos that trigger and reinforce this mindset, not to reinforce my ideals per'se but to feed further into it, instead of getting off my ass and pursing my dreams. How do I restore my deep seeded connection with whatever it is on a deeper, emotional level How do I rekindle this mindset, going beyond knowing it but feeling it Should I even bother if it was super easy for it to go out Is this just another phase before I slink back into where I was before Is this a good thing, and should I use my new-found clarity to set off on my goals anyway, knowing full well future-me will appreciate it Can you go from being miserable over how things are going, to depressed and not get any happiness from what made youfe feel bitter-sweet Going from *I wish I hade this* to *I don't care about this beyond 'meh'*
It seems you're waking up and not caring about trivial, meaningless bullshit, cutting out the fat in the middle of you reaching your goals, or trying to find them at least. I'm probably misunderstanding this, but with time, you will find your meaning.
>>7899 You make the meaning anon. It's like a campfire, it doesn't burn forever. You have to cut down thought trees and rekindle it daily, often times more than that. The fire is a biological process that you have to take an active part in. Creation is unnatural. Creation is man made. Kindle it
That's really weird, it's like you've read my mind. Cuz it's exactly what I've been going through. It's like I wasn't sober or awake and suddenly, these days, I woke up and everything I believed once it's gone, like a hallucination, and it doesn't matter if I watch some movies/songs to remind me of this feeling, it will not back. I feel embarrassed, as u said, you realise that it was all trivial and irrational reasoning. But this is a good thing, is ur brain correcting some ideas that he knew didn't make sense, but ur ego insisted on those things. Now, u have free space for new thoughts that will be closer to reality. to ur new reality, you will find ur deep seeded connection with whatever it is. I'm sorry if I misunderstood what u said, but I believe it's important that we doubt our beliefs sometimes.
>>7938 Thing is anon, is that most of everything that triggered any emotion from me just doesn't anymore This problem permeates throughout my life than just some dream I had Everything from normal, more realistic goals, to more extravagant goals are dudds now Topics and sentiments that got me angry, does nothing Feeling discontent with my life as is, isn't there anymore Feeling admiration for other people, whether real or fiction, not there I just feel more of a brain-dead zombie then I did before Atleast then I had ambitions, I hade likes and dislikes Now I just feel hazy and murky, without anything special looming over my head It sucks
>>7941 I know that feel. When nothing is meaningful as it was. All u can do is to compare urself to the past to feel sth and it sucks a lot.
>>7899 Possible medical solutions: >Blood test your testosterone to see if it's low enough to qualify for TRT. >Sleep study to see if you have sleep apnea and therefore qualify for a CPAP machine.
>>7899 You need to believe. No amount of experience or knowledge will matter when it comes to ideals if you aren't buying it. Maybe it really was a phase, if you didn't even believe in it
this sounds like a dopamine problem. solve it.


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