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Anonymous 09/10/2022 (Sat) 06:11:12 No. 7919
Damn. I really don't have any good friends to talk about my problems. Maybe it has always been like this, I just didn't notice. Best I can do is post about it on imageboards. I don't even care what happens to my life at this point. I don't know who to ask for advice, heck, no one even listens when I try to seek it. Disassociating for the mean time might help I guess. I need some time to realign my thoughts. I only have myself.
It would help us to help you if you were more specific about your problems.
>>7919 Why do you call out to the abyss? The demons we confront will be the ones already inside us, you can overcome those yourself.
(516.80 KB 600x631 898989.png)
>>7926 I like you.
Being young is hard. It will probably get better.
>>7939 >Being young is hard. It will probably get better. Hahahahaha. Being young is easy-mode.
(4.78 KB 192x240 pixel_glasses_goth.png)
>>7994 Personally things are far more easy for me as a man in his mid 30's as they were as a kid or a teen. I was a highly depressed kid and a poorly balanced minded teen. I found my peace of mind I thinks when approached the 30's.
>>7997 Not everybody finds their peace of mind, they just give up by their 30s and accept their condition and life as immutable. One of the largest driving factors of change is the naivety of youth and you don't have that forever.
(166.79 KB 1080x1920 IMG_20211204_233133.jpg)
>>8000 I ever spend too much time as a kid and a teen in depression (I guess I was not naive enough) and shit life. At one point there were two outcomes : being dead or being alive. I chose to stay alive, and as time went on I eventually found my emotional balance.
>>8000 This GET hits too close to home for me as someone in their mid-30's.


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