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(207.81 KB 1367x602 Schizo_board_game.png)
Im making a board game Anonymous 09/13/2022 (Tue) 18:09:26 No. 7980
im making this mainly to get off my ass and actually take steps towards game development and to get closer with my family since we dont do much activities together obviously W.I.P so what are your thoughts and opinions on this concept "art" plus i will be updating the game throughout this thread
>>7980 Good idea. I sometimes think about doing this kind of stuff but have nobody to play with. Doing games with your family is a good activity, when I visit my relatives we usually play games. Keep it up, it looks interesting.
(184.42 KB 1367x820 The_Board_V1_W-Commentary.png)
A more detailed board concept sketch as always im all ears for feedback (also i hope whoever is spamming cp gets burns from a white phosphorus attack)
>>7986 I don't know why people do that shit for the "lels" anywho I'm not really into boards but, looks pretty cool try to make a physical copy of it


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