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love, love... Anonymous 09/18/2022 (Sun) 21:07:40 No. 8042
have u guys ever found love in ur life? how was it? if u not, do you still believe that you can find it or that it exists? what about your twin soul?
(166.55 KB 456x426 older GFs are the best.png)
I have found love. Still have it. It's quite nice. I think everyone has a number of people out there they'd be really compatible with at any given time and it's just a matter of finding those people single. You can do it in any number of ways. I kept trying to stay with IRL dating and then in a spur of the moment I checked out a cuckchan thread for making friends and added a girl and after about 3 weeks of talking we got together. She actually rejected me at first because she was scared of getting into a relationship again after a nasty breakup from a while back but eventually she came around to me. >inb4 she's a slut
>>8042 nah im too ashamed to be who i really am and it'll probably be that way till the day i die
>>8045 tried a long, long time ago and dont feel like it again. was told the bitch is insane anyway. im attracted to lunatic bitches i guess lol.
>>8042 No.
well, once in my life I thought I had found love or my twin soul. I really believed, but it wasn't true. it was all a joke with me, nowadays I'm not interested in loving again, or meeting someone else.. I just feel ok alone. it was the first time I open myself up to relationships cuz I never let anyone get too close to me, and look what happened. I don't think I can trust in someone again.
>>8045 maybe you're just too shy
I loved once. I thought every time I couldn't love anymore. Till a new love. And a new sadness. Love is just sadness awaiting. I love Love.
>>8053 Why does life have to be like this?
I loved only once, and it hurt me a lot, it was good while it lasted. before that I was just empty, I even planned my suicide for a few years maybe next year, not cuz of sadness or depression, I had almost everything I wanted in life, but I used to see nothing good in the world. I had no hope of happiness... but when I loved, all this changed, and now I see life in a different way, and I want to live. now I know that I can feel sth, love is amazing! isn't? but don't let urself depend on someone, never.
>>8093 >Feeling empty >No hope for hapiness beside the good things in your life >not because of depression Lol you literally described someone who were in the end-stage of depression, good thing this is about your past anon
>>8064 Maybe because, that's the prupose of life, it's true essence. As a side note, it's been a long time I haven't loved someone as B. I'm at a point, I even even miss a good heartbreak sadness.
>>8112 oh, this is so cruel but so true...
I guess I love you anon since I still lurk about even after almost 2 decades. I may not interact with you much these days, but I'm still watching over you.
if you mean romantic, i guess i had a couple crushes as a kid. nothing reciprocated. i sometimes feel sad that i cant even make friendships with people, but a big part of why i cant is because i like being by myself.
(273.96 KB 960x640 original (14).gif)
I have not, but I believe I can. For me, what it comes down to is breaking my habit of staying at home all the time not doing anything, and taking the time to find a group or community irl. They're out there, but I need to find them. As of now, it's my only chance to find love. I can't expect something from nothing.
>>8042 I've never found romantic love in the three decades I've been alive. Certainly I believe it exists - I've observed nearly all of my colleagues fall in love, marry, have children - but I don't believe that I can find it. I'm not sure if I even care. Is that good or bad?


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