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end of the night Anonymous 05/09/2020 (Sat) 02:46:12 No. 841
it's getting early, a while ago I started hearing the birds starting to chirp, now they are pretty loud, in chirping terms of course, it's slowly getting bright. Personally I am not a fan, it makes me aware the day is coming, the quiet I so love about the night is coming to an end, having the world for myself and the websites I decide to share the time with will be no more as the bothersome, hectic day comes around, along with the expectations and people starting their day going about.
What are your thoughts on the end of the night? Do you like hearing the birds waking up? It makes me a bit afraid, even though nothing will happen.
Annoyance. I don't like bird chirping, daylight, or the sudden activity of waking normies.

Mr Burns had the right idea
I'm not really familiar with the simpsons, what was his idea?
It appears we have similar feelings
Block out the sun... with SCIENCE!
glorious idea! But that would make every normie a nightowl and we'd have nowhere to flee to, I'd say make the night longer... WITH SCIENCE!
The night may end, yes. The brilliance of the sun blinds the normalfags, and they dance to social media's latest fads without thought.

But this no longer disturbs me. The passage of the sun only serves as a shade for me to vanish into. The night is my shield, and the sun is my blade.
I've been thinking of changing my sleep schedule to sleeping during the day to go full vampire, the times I've tried school has hindered me, that's coming to and end now but after that uni is probably going to make it similarly hard, may I ask how your life is structured that the sleeping schedule doesn't interfere?
(127.14 KB 1280x720 sunset megalo.jpg)
/late/fagging so hard you become an /early/fag is bliss.
you're the first to think so here, may you ellaborate on those feelings? As said before I usually feel like the bliss is coming to an end but also feel some comfort in noticing I've latefagged long enough it's getting early, the worries about the hectic world overarch that though, so I'd be interested in your view
Don't. Trust it feels good but it's hard to get back to being a day Walker.
(728.30 KB 687x435 coffee.png)
It's nothing so deep.
It's simply that the early morning, just before the crack of dawn, before the rising of the normalfag, is the best time to be awake. Feeling the gentle quiet of the morning and the dew on your skin with a cup of coffee in hand is the ultimate comfy.
Early mornings, as long as you don't have to get up for work, are pretty cruisy frankly.
I like it, for sentimental reasons.

One comes from having read The Odyssey many years ago.

I had been habitually staying up all night, and one morning saw the sky painted fluorescent orange and pink. I had to go out and climb the hill and look at it. Rosy-fingered Dawn.

I was afraid of going outside in those days. Thought I'd get mugged or something, but I made a habit of running at that hour anyway.
Gotta carry a big iron and show'em that you're the fastest hand in the west.
I can relate to this extremely well
the birds just started for me too

no way I'll sleep now
it's /early/ for me now. i find it comfy. everyone else in the house is still asleep. i ate some blueberries and looked at the nice pink and blue sky. saw some deer run across the field and a plane passing far in the distance, thousands of feet up. i want to make some coffee but i don't want to wake people up with the sound of boiling water.
it's very comfy. course it doesnt last long, as normies awake very soon. but while it lasts it's one of the comfiest times of 'night'.
Due to corona-chan, my sleep cycle drifts forwards a few minutes each day. I once spent the whole day awake a few weeks ago.

Still, early is pretty nice. There was a nice birb sitting on the roof of the shed.
Perhaps the night may end. I hold it no ill will, for even the sun is a prisoner of evil. The day will come when someone finds a way to purify its fell rays and turn the light from searing destruction to life-nurturing power.
When I'm having a bad night and the fears and worries have overwhelmed me too much to sleep, the dawn is a sweet mercy that chases away all the ghosts, and lets me finally get a couple hours of peaceful rest.


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