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Cool Architecture Anonymous 2022-10-25 (Tue) 20:24:38 No. 8447
ITT: post cool architecture and decor & talk about cool architecture and decor I love huge rundown glass greenhouses.
>>8448 I don't know. I just find pictures I like and save them. Some of them probably are from Eastern Europe, but vintage brutalism can evoke that anywhere in the world.
Art of the sublime.
Pools and baths.
(47.57 KB 500x332 000001_8907720_f0f70c40fa.jpg)
(81.03 KB 728x548 1604846213595.jpg)
(250.07 KB 1080x1080 20201115_173700.jpg)
(769.41 KB 3024x3024 0yzkqaayvza41.jpg)
(194.80 KB 1000x667 20210129_161252.jpg)
(884.06 KB 1500x1027 1441740773910.jpg)
(920.34 KB 1344x1024 1655061062697.jpg)
There's also something to say for finding beauty in the clutter and chaos of the modern world.
From another recent thread. Man, this sort of shit is so much better than the bland gray awkward cafe look modern fast food restaurants go for. Flavor. Style. Color. Life.
>>8461 Looks like a revival of the Memphis Group look. I like it but not the color scheme.
>>8482 Neat stuff. I wasn't familiar with it.
(860.52 KB 3162x1779 82pqmk296qo31.jpg)
>>8488 Yeah, I like the look but a lot of people hate it.
>>8492 That's a tart room.
What's your dream home look like, /late/?
(544.14 KB 4096x1862 nautilus.jpg)
>>8693 board plz post image