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Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 01:58:00 No. 860
I have a dark fascination with this seemingly 'end of the world' status we're entering. Will the future hold death or solace? I don't know.
(1.32 MB 1057x3200 apathy.png)
who knows
Been feeling pretty cyberpunk wearing a mask. I have to travel for work and the abandoned vibe, especially in the early mornings, was quite eerie....
(9.67 KB 184x184 1487045003181.jpg)
Solace, as it does after every cataclysm.
As for me, I hold a cold - grim resolve. Man is a creature full of suffering, and yet he has endured for well over ten thousand years of strife. Perhaps the biblical tales of destruction are memories of actual events - and yet, even against the will of gods old and new, we survived.

It is that resolve that fills me now in this new age of darkness. This too shall pass.

can't remember which documentary I've watched - the presentor presents one view that the galaxy we're in (and ultimately, earth and all the life that have ever walked on this planet) is the result of a random reactions and interactions of the elements spew out immediately after the Big Bang. Had the reaction and interactions varied slightly, our galaxy, solar system and earth would not exist.

Which I think, it is then logical that we shouldn't view everything under the sun so serious at all.
Day in day out, we're told to work hard, earn cash, pay tax, buy stuffs and be satisfied.

Is life really mean to be like that though?
(102.59 KB 921x393 sperm.jpg)
You could even take it from the opposite view: that we shouldn't give ourselves over to empty materialism, because we've been endowed with free will by some deity who created the universe as clockwork, but who didn't mean for us to be automatons much less wagies and paypigs.
sleeping powder
everything will end eventually and if we end early or not is mostly chance and sometimes reliant on our conscious decisions to me it doesn't matter much anymore so i'll keep wanking till i slip into the void
>>860 The people we get to share this society with won't do a damn thing. This society will willingly let the people in power do as they please. They'll neglect their basic rights, their mental sanity and their family just because they tell them to do so. I'm fascinated to see the level of apathy we have reached. We live in an upside down world. Justice is twisted and the future isn't very easy to gaze at. I never thought people were going to put up with another year being on lockdown but alas, they have forfeit another year of their life. I'm positive we can be the whole decade this way. >>1070 >Is life really mean to be like that though? No. Waging and material goods are cancer for the soul. You don't spend money on goods. You spend your valuable time and life to get the money to get those "goods".
>>3246 this I am also desensitized
It's not the end of the world. Imagine how people must have felt during the Bronze Age collapse.
>>3296 This. We're not even at the top yet, and we're slowly rising despite how it doesn't seem like that in the media. Hang in there, anon.
(440.33 KB 1023x1080 1367105272.png)
>>3296 >>3298 i know the end of the world is something people have been thinking is right around the bend for centuries now, but it's hard not to look around and wonder if this really is it. if you're christian, you're definitely seeing some boxes being ticked for the end times. scary, and it's had me down for a few months as i learn more and more. i'm breaking out of that low, but it stills haunts my darkest nights.
(90.21 KB 700x650 ag5zzWn_700b.jpg)
>>3765 If you're a christian you know this wacky stuff is part of Gods plan. I had this issue too. The best way for anyone to make peace with it is to acknowledge things will continue to go downhill. It's out of our hands what the ultimate outcome will be, so if you can't stop whats coming don't worry so much. I'm not saying to give up, just do what you can for yourself and those around you.
>>3798 i kinda think Christianity is a joke for myself at least just because of how arbitrary it is to say that everything is a part of a "larger plan" because what plan?
(571.06 KB 2500x1258 1432149683642-1.jpg)
>>3800 I'm an atheist (if the word "God" entails a personal being to you, that is), but I think there's at least a reason we're here living our lives and am pretty confident that life will continue on the other side even if I get killed. The hard part is controlling my emotions. I've read accounts from astral travelers that state that your mindset at death has a huge bearing on what you experience going into the afterlife and that it's more of a slog to try and fix things after you die than it is to do so in our earthly lives. I don't even bother keeping up with the news anymore. Whatever's going to happen will happen.
>>3800 The harder the times, the more opportunity for people to be truly virtuous. But besides, we don't even know what diet is the most fit for humans so how could we know the grand purpose of every detail of modern life?
>>3917 Poverty breeds crime.
>>3922 i am going to stab you
>>3922 Some poor guy who decides to not commit crimes has a stronger positive impact on the world than some rich kid doing the same, precisely because it is more difficult for the poor man to do.
>>3927 Some rich kid actually creating value and not just doing fraud is a much larger net positive taking into account the harm he could've done.
>>3965 that's true also
Unfortunately for us, it's been over a year now and industrial society seems to be holding together.
>>3765 >if you're christian, you're definitely seeing some boxes being ticked for the end times. Are you Protestant?
>>3765 >if you're christian, you're definitely seeing some boxes being ticked for the end times. The same goes for pretty much any other religion that emphasizes eschatology.


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