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what are you looking forward to? Anonymous 2022-11-09 (Wed) 22:37:34 No. 8655
I'm down anons. The girl I made a promise to didn't work out. And the ring didn't get to me. What are you looking forward to anons? Tell me about them, please.
When I get home from my job, im going to shove a frozen fish up my ass
if the plans for next year go right i might be able to finally get a decent pc
As hard as it is to put a dream on pause, I wont be able to attend school next semester because I wont be able to afford it. So ill probably take next year off. But I'll have more time to focus on things that aren't school such as my hobbies and my current job. So, that'll be nice i guess. Im looking forward to when I do go back to school. Im just afraid that I wont go back.
New external hard drive. Same as the old one, but 5TB instead of 1TB. Gonna back up my immense library and fill the rest with youtube and fun stuff. (Though probably not as fun as a frozen fish up the ass.) Also, a little solar setup. The panel, battery, battery controller, inverter, etc. Gonna hook up an exercise bike to an alternator as well. A healthy dude can output ~100W, I'm told, which is the same as the solar panel.
>>8655 > What are you looking forward to anons? The day I start getting disability checks. If and when that happens.
The hope that tomorrow will be a good day.
>>8659 What are/were you studying, fren? College is largely a scam nowadays, though I'm not the type of grifter to say trades are perfect either.
>>8665 Based, though a lot of days it seems fruitless.
>>8671 Electrical Engineering. shits difficult but I love it.
So I've got this car, right? Okay, it's a Miata. Bought it around a year ago and have learned a whole lot about working on cars because of it. Even got a job as a mechanic, which I credit the car with inspiring me to do. Anyways, starting around a few years ago I developed this insane obsession with late 80s/early 90s Japan street drifting. It fascinated me because it was one of the most popular illegal things to do if you were a young bloke back then. It was also one of the reasons I decided on buying the miata over something that isn't very drift car worthy, but after I got it I kinda chilled out and used it for high speed grip driving on long windy backroads. That's lost it's appeal and the car needed some serious work, so I decided to revamp the entire way the car acts and finally build the drift car I always wanted. The car is currently on jackstands right now and a really bad cold front is moving in, which hinders my build a great deal. Even after a crappy day of working on the car and not really getting much done, I sit back and I watch those drift car videos filmed on old VHS tapes and it boosts my morale knowing this, though likely being evanescent, is close at hand. I can't wait until it's all put back together and I'm on the road drifting!
>>8713 The only thing about a Miata is that anyone over 5'7" can barely fit in it. Otherwise, they're great cars. A while ago I almost bought a manual 1985 Celica Supra for $4,000. Thing was mint and the guy took really good care of it and just needed it gone. But I knew I needed a vehicle that would actually last me more then 6 years before rotting away in the New England salt. So I bought a Tacoma.
>>8725 5'7" frens need something that's for them
>>8736 can vouch being above 6ft in a miata does not work
>>8655 I always look forward to late nights. Nothing more at this point.