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Vent Thread Anonymous 2022-11-11 (Fri) 18:52:04 No. 8674
In an effort to keep the rest of the board comfy and serene, this thread will serve as an outlet for all of our justly built-up aggression, be it from work, normies, or even the 'Misses'. I personally will be posting about my job in a Detroit hospital mostly, but other stuff will probably make its way in. Hopefully this will keep us from being rude or fighting against each other (us latefrens have to stick together, after all.)
>>8674 Anyway, I work for a big chain of hospitals (technically, I work for a contractor) that decided to buy out one of the old independent hospitals in Detroit. As you may have been able to guess, it led to nothing but mismanagement and a living hell, despite the additional funding the corporate model provides. Which is really saying something, because while we are rough around the edges we still seem to be the most compassionate and effective hospital in Michigan outside of maybe the DMC and University hospitals.
>>8675 Our company mostly deals with 'support services', which consist of food service, housekeeping, and other roles. I work for the most 'elite' of the three departments, our Orderly/Safety division. I started as an orderly originally (and boy, was the simplicity nice,) but have very quickly moved into management. The pay is nice of course, but the bullshit factor increased exponentially. Ironically, I see the least crazy people when I am working on suicide watch duty-make of that what you will.
>>8676 Thanks for reading this far, by the way, it probably seems pretty boring, but I'll try to add some spicy stories as I go. Also, if any Detroitfrens need a good paying job, I can set you up. I'll warn you it is very hard work, but our corporation is slightly less evil than most others.
>>8677 The war in the inner-city is in many ways as bad as the media portrays it, but most people have grown apathetic and accepting of it after so much time. It isn't at all abnormal for even the police to pawn off their niggers on us under the guise of a 'petition'. Basically, it allows the police to absolve themselves of all responsibility for the prisoner and force the hospital to take them as a Ward. This is one of the most common ways for us to get long-term patients.
>>8678 These patients can end up staying here for as long as three to six MONTHS, mostly because all of the mental health facilities are filled up already (remember that most of these people should be in jail.) We do have a separate hospital that leases space in ours for long-term patients, but that is a different context. Those people are actually medically endangered, and usually get sent there because they are taking too long to die, at least in corporate's eyes. A lot of you that watch hospital shows or have been to a rural/suburban hospital know about the Intensive Care Unit, where patients that need actual nursing are sent. Most hospitals have roughly twenty beds on this unit. Ours has FIVE separate I.C.U.s, most with at least twenty beds. Worse yet, many patients that would be on those units anywhere else are in normal rooms because they 'aren't that bad' compared to those we normally get. For example, most hospitals put kids with a bad flu on the I.C.U. for a few days. No, we put kids that overdosed on bleach or failed to neck themselves up there. More on child suicides later.
Ventured out into the normieverse today thinking "it couldn't be as retarded as I expect, could it? Surely I've been online too long, I'm wearing nightmare-goggles" and so on. And while I refuse to look at things too simplistically, I daresay things are, in fact, profoundly retarded and going downhill without any sign of slowing down. Got home, scented something weird and checked for signs of mice. I killed one a couple days ago (which I assume is the only one since there haven't been any other signs and I haven't seen a mouse here in a year or two) and thought maybe there were a whole bunch of them in the walls, furiously pissing and shitting everywhere. But no; that smell is weed. It comes from next door occasionally. It's a disgusting stench, but I never quite remember what it is. I'm not really angry about it. It's absurd that society is mass-producing people with the problems which my neighbors have, and who need chemical help to stay halfway sane amid the insanity and the collapse and all of that, and it's loathsome that it has to become my problem, much as it would become their problem if I just started shitting on the floor and letting it fester and stink so that it passes through the wall and they waft the air thinking "what the hell is that? That's disgusting, this is intolerable. Why would someone live in that kind of foulness?" Presuming, of course, that these are the sort of people who get uptight about piles human feces in their vicinity. That mouse kill, though. I heard the little shithead in a basement cabinet, so I grabbed the WD-40, threw the door open and hosed him with it. He flung himself out and tried to hide under a bag of old milk jugs, so I moved it, expecting him to run along the wall to hide behind a cardboard box. He did exactly that, and I kicked it, smashing him against the wall. More WD-40. He seemed hurt. A lot of WD-40. One time my brother fainted from inhaling this stuff while fixing his bike, so probably a mouse can't tolerate swimming in it. Kicked the box again. Convulsions. RIP. The other time I had to deal with mice, they were (or more likely, it was) a bit tougher to deal with. In the bedrooms, in the kitchen trying to break into the pantry so that I ended up caulking everything. After a week or so we found him on the kitchen countertop. He scampered into a corner, and I hoovered him like it was Luigi's fuckin' Mansion. They're quick, but no match for my gamer yomi and improvised weapons. >Hopefully this will keep us from being rude or fighting against each other (us latefrens have to stick together, after all.) I will always be kind to all latefrens. Even the stinky potheads. Which is probably, like, half of you. Libiamo unrelated.
>>8682 Do you live in a townhouse? Otherwise, that must be some really concentrated weed. It really is a terrible smell.
>>8674 I work for the government, so I'm in a city too. Same thing different place. Crime is massive. The blacks can't stop killing. Whites haul ass, city goes to shit, government scrambles to fill the holes. That is why government exists now, to plug the race war. Actually that's been its purpose for awhile now. Blacks follow the whites and bring their chaos, rinse and repeat. Budgets are razor thin, we are understaffed and overworked. At least there is job security. It's not just whites now though, everyone who isn't black flees. I just wish I had a slim, youngish woman I could fuck the hell out of, i dont even really care about the race. I just want her to be reasonably young and not fat. Thats all im asking. I dont even care about tattoos anymore though i think theyre ridiculous. Jerking off now is just stress management for me. Everything else about it is gone. I'm trying to work no fap but I've been lifting since last year and my libido is up. Ive gained 15 pounds of muscle, best decision of my life. Reading the Bible has helped but I still feel the need. I'm not going to give up but christ I wish I had a woman. I'm miserable.
Blood in my spunk. Not the time to need to be worrying about myself. Fuck. No point in speculating until I get sufficient data. I'll give it a couple days. If it persists I'll go to a doctor. I've got my hands full worrying about other people, I don't need to be fucked up right now.
>>8695 Yeah, it's got the shared walls. They can probably hear me shitposting all night on my mechanical keyboard.
>>8696 Wow, sounds like you're on the right track. How does that "meet a nice girl at church" advice work for you?
>>8698 Righteous payback, fren.
>>8679 I work for a hospital as well, the last one in my city that hasn't been acquired by a corporate chain, and I'm dismayed by the sheer business incompetency of the c-suite executives and the pervasive psychopathy of the majority of the physicians who the living embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. In fact, it is a cabal of said physicians who are dictating the business practices to the c-suite executives and the c-suite executives are so cucked that they obey every order from the physician cabal, no matter how ridiculous, and that is why the hospital is on the brink of financial insolvency.
>>8730 Based on your knowledge of the books, I assume you work in the financial departments?
>>8732 >*who 'are' the living embodiment Correct. When Finance has to begin devouring departmental budgets to funnel funds to supply chain/logistics to purchase supplies, it's a sign that the organism is not long for the world.
>>8699 No idea, I was an atheist for a long time, so I never tried. Now that I'm a Christian, I am too old.
I used to have a friend, she was a person who I got along with really well for years and had all sorts of things in common. We were both NEETs, though, I'm not anymore and genuinely improving my life. She still is. I have true empathy and care for all people until they have done something gravely wrong, it is a personality trait of mine. On the other side of this trait I'm passionate to a fault and will fight for other people if I think it is right, even if I don't know them well. This brings me to my former friend. She had a boyfriend who she cheated on multiple times and abused emotionally (physically?) for over a year. I simply couldn't take it anymore, when he reached out to me and asked for help I told him honestly to break up with her as her behavior was extremely toxic, toxic to the point of threatening suicide if he broke up with her or generally took care of himself. This has been a pattern of hers throughout her relationships I came to learn, both platonic and romantic, despite what some others who think they know her would say. Those same people who defend her are newcomers, and are equally toxic or otherwise naive and shielded by their naivety. They too will one day become targets of her ire as I was or they will be left in the wind like trash and forgotten by her after they've served her ego. This conflict culminated in me telling others about what happened after feeling pressured into being silent and her telling me to kill myself and harassing me after I tried to block her. I suspect too from context clues she's given over the years about having something she can't admit to, yet consistently feeling guilty about it and telling others about feeling guilty, that she has done something even more horrifically wrong. I don't know if this thing is murder, rape, or something else of similar caliber. Given her background any of them are realistic guesses. I too was once naive and simply looked the other way when presented with these deliberate hints she gives. I'm being vague on purpose because she is obsessively insane and I wouldn't be surprised if she found this post too somehow, despite this conflict being quite old now. If she finds this and starts namefagging I hope her posts will be removed. /blogpost next time I post it won't be so bloggy, something more relatable to anons here hopefully. I had to get this out somewhere where it wasn't going to be immediately attacked and start a shitshow.
they keep pushing the date back for when my fren will get outta jail, he was like a brother to me and the only real "close" friend i ever had. i just need to make it to december but jesus am i so isolated and lonely right now. oh well though!
>>8781 Why do they keep moving the date? That sounds weird.
>>8782 The prison system sucks in a lot of countries. It really feels like they let you out on the whim of whatever a given kafkaesque bureaucrat is feeling at the moment. Or worse, a person ends up in prison, and then gets charged with more "crimes" for "misbehaving" and has their sentence extended. The classic example is a prison guard feels like beating the pulp out of someone that day and then the prisoner gets punished for raising their hands to block their head or throwing a punch back. Not saying it's that bad for anons friend, it only being a few months probably just means bureaucratic nonsense is gumming up the system.
(162.19 KB 959x721 1635139858254.jpg)
How does one live in such a dirty and demoralized society without feeling the need to rectify it by becoming a domestic terrorist?
>>8674 I stubbed my toe
Everyone assumes I'm up to something without even getting to know me
>>8807 Only the soulless or evil avoid the urge to revolt against the current powers. You are not alone, my friend, stay strong. >>8809 That's because this Masonic parody of a society has managed to nigh-permanently pit everyone against each other for no reason. Trust issues seem to be the worst with women, as they are brain-washed even more heavily in schools and with crime drama.
>>8809 Are you up to something?
>>8674 There're so much pending tasks to do that is due in a week. I've already started doing them but I don't think I'll be able to finish in the given time frame. I think we should get paid to do stuff in college. After all, it's forced work. But it's all about giving you credentials which is utter bs.
>>8826 Schoolwork is work as far as I'm concerned, at the very least we shouldn't be forced to pay for the right to work, and a stipend would be nice. They'll call you a dirty red for that kind of "wrongthink" though.
>>8782 bureaucracy, they had a hearing to set a date on the hearing thatd determine if he got out or not, that got pushed back because the prison wasnt cooperating. all of this after a year of house arrest, which ofc didnt count for anything.
(186.74 KB 1734x1226 1996-1227-max.jpg)
Every time I share the rare occasion I have a productive passion I've indulged in (programming, tech repair) with friends or family, I'm met with apathy clearly feigned interest. "Oh that's cool", "Oh yeah? Nice." No questions, no curiosity. Absolutely nothing of it unless I bring it up. It feels like I'm sharing the warmth of a torch with people I care about, and they're just gently blowing on it until it goes out. I don't even want to be around most of these people, so I keep a distance for months at a time. They get upset and tell me "we should hang out" or something. I get lonely. I cave. The cycle repeats itself. The worst part is that every single time I try to talk about this with these people, I'm looked at like I'm a fucking alien. "Yeah, well... Idk what to tell you." I want to sell everything I own and disappear to another country. I've disappeared in the night with just a bag of clothes leaving most everything I own before. I've sold off my belongings and moved to another part of the country before. I feel this is only the natural next step. If that doesn't work though, well then I guess I'm fucked.
>>8853 It's a two way street to find shared interests with people, but sometimes finding that thing feels like a lot of work. So, they don't care about that thing? I have friends who have passions I couldn't care less about. Could you maybe find something else to talk about? If you can learn to find that special thing in every person that you enjoy in them, it will take you far. Not everyone is a cerebral, not everyone is emotionally supportive, but that's okay, because there's so many things for people to be. For me, I love hearing people talk about the things they care about. You know how I said I couldn't care less about some of their passions? That's still true, but I love the look on people's faces when they talk about something they love. On the same coin, I don't expect them to care too much about whatever bullshit I find interesting at the moment, even when I feel the need to share or vent.
>>8853 i have a similar experience but with literature/music/art, and that feeling of being out of touch with everyone around you is something i go through daily. it goes far beyond just being able to find shared interests with people, there is something very deeply different about myself and the people i'm surrounded with, and the types of novels we read (if any) are only just a symptom. there's a vastly different approach to introspection, what sorts of interests we might have in the future, how we form our morals, what we consider a good use of time etc. "Yeah, well... Idk what to tell you." is exactly the sort of thing you expect to hear as an alien who's only just touring the place i remembering trying to talk about this with https://blenderbot.ai/ a while back. it's not particularly competent, certainly not enough to challenge any of the sentiments you put forward, but it seems like a good start and one day i think chatbots will become good enough that this sort of loneliness won't be a problem anymore though if it really is just a case of differing hobbies for you, probably your issues would be fixed if you got a job in tech? unless you live in some tiny town in the middle of nowhere with no tech scene there's no need to sell everything you own, just get a job as a SWE or web developer or something and there'll be plenty of people to talk programming to
A forest is burning and I am the forest and I am the fire and I am the one watching it from a distance
(5.11 KB 150x150 picture.jpg)
The "Missus" you illitterratte bassttarrdd.
>>8758 millennial women were horrible when they were young. I can't imagine what Zoomers and Alpha has to deal with. I assume it's just more of the same but even worse.
>>8807 How? First you go through a radicalization phase and if you're lucky you don't get investigated by multiple law enforcement agencies. Then you either snap or the cops get to you before then because of your increasingly extreme online rhetoric and then you're stuck on the radar constantly looking over your shoulder forever. Then you realize that either way this society can't be saved and even the most horrific acts imaginable barely even register in what passes as common discourse unless some social justice pet peeve is at stake. Don't think you're going to save anything because you're not. This society has a death wish. I went back to the Bible.
>>8853 lol story of my life. In America no one gives a shit about anything. They just want more money to fill the emptiness they dare not mention. I once thought consumerism was just a dumb thing dumb people do but then I realized its immense spiritual value after getting a career; you fill your inner void with useless garbage that gives you a momentary dopamine hit. Only young people have a sense of passion because they're not yet totally hollowed out by this predatory society. Adult life in America is the grimmest thing in the history of time. Evil prison society, I'd love to move to another country.