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/kind/ thread Anonymous 2022-11-16 (Wed) 17:44:18 No. 8763
/kind/ is down and bunkerless. Since /late/ and /kind/ are nice friends, (Heck, we even share a soccer team!) I thought we should roll out some sleeping bags for any /kind/frens who wander over. ITT: Be nice.
Lol, we share a soccer team with /comfy/ but I get the idea.
>>8766 Oh, no, I'm very stupid!
Sorry to hear about these troubles. I hope someone forgot to pay the registrar bill, and not something more serious.
(39.23 KB 206x183 comf34534.png)
>>8763 Bury nice to have kindanons here though I hope all goes well. I never knew there was a dedicated /kind/ board, where was it hosted?
(3.01 MB 1404x2000 kind&late.jpg)
>>8763 >>8767 You aren't a fool, comfy and kind aren't so dissimilar. I have confused them once or twice myself, and it has been years! I remember speaking to the /kind/ BO years ago when it was first set up (no idea if it is the same people as the 8ch days), so we do sort of go back, if to nothing else a common heritage and ethos. I haven't checked on kind in a good while; as >>8773 said what was the last known URL? In any case welcome, this can be a kind in exile thread until (if) the board returns. We shall list the URL in the pinned post at >>1
No authority here, but it doesn't seem serious, just a bit prolonged. Kindadmin gave everyone a heads up beforehand and has kept folks posted in the cafe /shelter/ thread (horse's mouth version there), but the short version is that the host wouldn't/couldn't host anymore (on maybe a week or two's notice), so /kind/ has been down for kindadmin to work out hosting and to use the downtime as an opportunity to become a little more savvy on the tech side of things... with some other factors in play - like waiting on then starting a job with long work hours - since nothing ever goes quite as planned. Guessing that the url will be different when /kind/ returns, but it was 2kind.moe (which has been the same static image since /kind/ went down). Other /kind/-goers seem a bit antsy but are still watching warmly in the /shelter/ thread, and they're presumably getting their imageboard fix from whatever other boards they visit. So while there isn't a bunker and while people do miss /kind/, it feels (to me, at least) like we're close to the goal and that folks are still ok in holding out a bit longer for /kind/ v4 and are getting by in the meantime. Anyway, interesting place you have here. Thanks for the invite; i'll poke around and maybe lurk a while.
(76.64 KB 589x589 born_to_die.jpg)
>>8775 Glad to hear that all is well, seemed more serious until you chimed in. I wouldn't want to step on any toes either, it seems that you have the situation well in hand. I don't know where the shelter thread is, so when the board does come back it would be good to know the URL. Best wishes to all kindanons!
>>8763 Cool site and all, but don't appreciate the vulture behavior. Other altchan admins made a point of not trying to take /kind/s userbase.
>>8778 Just to be clear the administration did not make this thread. We aren't interested in stealing your, or anybodies users. I (>>8774 >>8776) responded to this thread in good faith presuming that /kind/ had gone down without warning, and wishing to help. I hope you don't hold it against our board or users (or me). OP probably was confused with /comfy/ as well, who we have been friends with for a long time, I'm sure they meant no harm either.
Edited last time by admin on 2022-11-17 (Thu) 03:05:42.
>>8778 It's really not sinister. I don't think one thread is going to steal users, and it's not like it's being shilled anywhere. I just thought /kind/ anons who occasionally lurk here might appreciate a place to post in the mean time. I know I would if /late/ went down.
>>8763 That is very kind!