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/lit/erature Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 10:32:59 No. 922
What books have you been reading lately, /late/?
Ana Karenina
but i've slowed way down, only read like 30 pages a day
Just some shitty LNs, Roadside Picnic, and Yurope 2 Barack's Apocalypse.
I want to read some Russian literature but I doubt I'll be able to get my hands on any.
Just listening to music for now.
dostoevsky's the idiot
hemingway's the sun also rises
i've been slacking off on reading, so i haven't been able to make much progress as i had expected.
i finished the brothers karamazov on december of last year and tried reading more russian literature like chekov and turgenev, but have not been able to sit down and finish anything other than fathers and sons.
went through a sort of a mental fatigue where even reading a single page was a chore.
just finished re-reading The Alchemist

currently in the process of reading The animal's companion: people & their pets, a 26,000-year love story
>dostoevsky's the idiot
I've seen that book around a few times but never got it, is it any good?
>went through a sort of a mental fatigue where even reading a single page was a chore.
I've been there, back in 2018 I read 6 books in the year which is more than I ever read in a year before, and when i tried to move on to War of the Worlds and Dantes Inferno I just couldn't get past the first chapter and what chapters I did get through I couldnt recall what had happened.
not that anon, but i've been making my way through the idiot (on about page 240) and its been pretty good. Interesting characters and dostoevsky sure knows how to describe a scene.
Nothing at the moment
but I would suggest
"John Dies at The End"
I am re-reading the Art of War. It is my bible.
been reading CS Lewis's Space Trilogy. i'm into That Hideous Strength but it's kind of slow going. i tend to drop it for a week and then read a ton.
it's almost prophetic in terms of how the world is now, and Lewis saw that 80 years ago.
I don't know nothing about anything, but I do think that Dostoevsky is my absolute favorite writer. There is just something so real about his works. They're very melancholy, but substantial. Like someone told you an unpleasant truth, but you're grateful for it. He can also set a scene and create a character just beautifully.
Prachett is pretty fun.
I've had time for nothing but programming books lately, but since y'all are naming Russians I'll throw in Andreyev. I was staggered by his Satan's Diary for its literary merit, though that was around five years ago now and I can't remember the details or surmise what I would think about it now.
Want to get into philosophy and was hoping you guys had some recommendations.
Epictetus' Enchiridion or Aurelius' Meditations are the best places to start.

Beyond that, without knowing what exactly you mean by "get into" it's hard to say. For books by particular philosophers, I'd say Nietzsche and Alan Watts are the most worthwhile and entertaining to read. Otherwise, maybe you want to search Gutenberg for "history of philosophy" to get a picture of what's out there.
(413.57 KB 1200x1898 aedgaad33.jpg)

maybe this
I mean I haven’t read anything recently but I’ve reread the Grant Biography and dabbled back into the Art of War
I'm reading the The Library of Apollodorus, it's about the myths in Greece and explained in relatively short format.
After I finish reading the current one, I think that I'll pick that one up.
same anon here, still in That Hideous Strength. it's great, i just dont have much time to read anymore. i've also decided to try out G.K. Chesterton when i'm done.

seconding Meditations. i havent read it cover to cover honestly, i'll usually just come to it to read some passages when i feel like i need some Stoic thought or just want to relax. havent tried Epictetus or Seneca yet but i would like to at some point.
Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife
I might pick up the ones you've reccomended after I finish the volume 2 of Apollodorus's Library.
Reread Skagboys. Reread Trainspotting as well before that. I have yet to find a book that can make me feel that way again, and the rereads don't come close to that first read. >>1077 Phenomenology of the Spirit
Stumbled upon two of L. Ron Hubbard's pulp fiction novels and I bought them for laughs. The first is Dead Men Kill, which I'm reading now. The second is Destiny's Drum.
>>1554 How is it? Do you like it?


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